Monday, May 31, 2010

To the fallen

Today is memorial day; it is a day that every citizen of this country is supposed to take time out of his busy schedule to remember the fallen. The millions of men and women who died on the worlds many battle fields for God and country. That is what the government tells us, and that is generally what they are honored for, but there is more to it than that. Others say that they died and gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and that their sacrifices are a constant reminder that freedom isn't free.

Alot of these so called motives are nothing more than lies and ruses perpetuated by our government with the intent to gain some resource or commodity that would simply build our empire. Everything a government does has as a real purpose that is unknown to us; ulterior motives. The government does not care about its citizens or you and I as individuals, this is evident when you first enlist in the military. You are no longer a citizen you are a G.I. (government issue) and you are treated as such.

Once you join the military you are robbed of your identity, you are no longer free. You are ordered to maim and kill and not ask questions as to why. A good soldier follows orders and obeys those in his chain of command to the point of dying if necessary to protect our land and the things we hold dear. They are told that they are fighting for the right to live free, that they fight for the freedoms of the generations of loved ones they cherish:.

Some of us were not meant to serve this country: once they discovered that what they once believed was nothing more than a mask of lies with the intent to make someone richer. To steal from a foreign country that may have the resources we need to prosper. When you enlist in the service you get to experience a true dictatorship and only those that are willing to play dirty and turn a blind eye to the abuse and excesses of their government become successful.

What we are not told is that many of those men and women who died had done so for all the wrong reasons. For example some people join the military to secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones, others feel the need to serve their country, some want to go to college and learn a trade, but what the recruiter does not tell you is that these aspirations may cause you your life and you may never achieve them.

Those that have died in Americas conflicts have given up so much more than their lives. They have given up their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, children. Under the ruse of love of country, they have literally given up everything they ever had in this life. They have left behind everything they held dear and adored to what they believed was to protect our freedoms. But this day is not about America, freedom, or the lies of politics and politicians, it's about people who were brave enough to answer the call. And even under orders and against their will they ran in front of a hail of bullets, bayonets, and swords, to fight for what the believed.

As a former Marine myself, and I say former because I was able to awaken before I was deceived and overwhelmed by my government to sacrifice my life. I personally honor all of my fallen comrades in arms whose hopes and dreams went down to their graves with them. To those who never made it back home, or got to see or kiss their children goodnight, or tell their parents how much they loved them, who never got to see all of those they held dear in this life. Rest in peace, and may you never be forgotten.

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.
Oscar Wilde

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  1. Unfortunately we have all been misled and lied to, even by our own history books. The christians came over to here to flee religious persecution and what do they do? They kill the Indians and run them off their own land.

    If this is a christian nation

    What happened to, Love thy neighbor?

    And do un to others, as you would have them do un to you?

    Thou shalt not kill!

    Over 50 million Indians were either killed and displaced from their own land.

    How about let's drop a bomb on Japan and kill over 100k innocent Japanese?

    How about let's kill over 1 million Iraqi's?

    When did we become a christian nation?

    What book of brotherly love did we go by?

    Just read the news every day, murders, rapes, child molesters, embezzlement, bank frauds, robberies, drunks hitting cars head on, hacking into accounts, identity theft, drug wars, gangs, the justice system is not working, it's not justice in the first place.

    Are we following the example of a christian nation? It's more like a chaotic out of control nation! IMO