Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Through the eyes of faith

Mark 9:23
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

I have always interpreted faith as synonymous with belief and so the above text is appropriate for this post. Atheists always wonder why a theist cannot see how absurd and childish their beliefs really are, and I think that the above statement makes it abundantly clear as to why. It says if you believe all things are possible and all Christians apparently have to eschew logic and reason in favor of faith.

I personally have called faith; the ultimate equalizer when it comes to arguing for the existence of god. The reason for this is that when you are debating with a Christian about their beliefs, and they get cornered and find their backs against the wall they can always appeal to faith. They make such silly statements such as how finite our minds are to be able to comprehend the infinite mind of god etc.

Faith requires no evidence, through the eyes of faith you can command a mountain to move from one place to another in Jesus name and it must obey. Although, to date I have never met a man Christian or otherwise who can demonstrate the truth of such a statement. When asked for proof they say that you should not tempt the lord etc. etc. The same old tired trash that they spew all the time. If you argue with them long enough you realize how much they sound like drones, they all tend to repeat the same reprocessed nonsense they have been taught.

Through the eyes of faith the absurd makes sense, and the illogical becomes logical. For faith there are no worldly boundaries to it's powers. Faith goes beyond the natural and reaches out into the supernatural world without missing a beat. Faith requires no evidence just the gullibility of its subscriber, and the suspension of their own free ability to think for themselves.


  1. How about "God works in mysterious ways"? That has to be the ultimate cop out.

  2. If you had as much faith as a mustard seed, you should be able to move a mustard seed, but I've never seen it to be done.

    Like you said, faith is the con word used by christians to shore up the lies in the bible that have no proof, nor evidence, yet faith is all the evidence they need to believe.

    P.T.B. - A sucker is born every minute?

  3. .... I don't think you guys do your homework very much. Christianity has a rich historical relationship with reason and logic. Faith is the opposite of reason. I would say that faith involves reasons but is not limited beyond reason
    2 Historical figures you need to look that involved reason and faith

    C.S Lewis - When he was kid he was told his if he prayed hard enough his mother would live. His mother died. Later his brother died in WW2 and as child was beat by his Dad and sent him to a boarding school. Each one of these things led him to believe that God did not exist. He was so against God that he lectured in an academic setting against him. Yet later he became a Christian and is one of Christianity's most interesting philosophers

    2) George Muller - opened an orphaned in Bristol at the end of the 1800 solely prayer. He did to it to offer people tangible encouragement that they could trust the Bible. He told no one of the needs he needed and kept a journal of answered prayer. He would have 30 children who need breakfast within an hour and they had no food. He would pray for it a boom it he would have milk for the kids without asking for any fundraising or help of any sort from anyone. He ran a multi million dollar ophranage like that and died with no money his bank account.

  4. Dan,

    You are a very naive person to think that prayer works. There are many verses in the Bible that say flat out you will get what you pray for if you believe. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. You believe, you ask for, you get it. Christians have come up with all sorts of excuses why you don’t get what you pray for. What is your favorite excuse? The entire state of Louisiana asked for God to intervene in the oil spill. Did God stick his finger in the hole?

    Religion is a myth and your beliefs are straight up delusional.

  5. @ Darwin

    K big guy.... George Muller was not a Delusion, he is a historical figure. if you're right you have to go through every recorded prayer and prove it was a fraud.
    Now I know you will say something like "I don't need to prove anything" which to me is an tells me your afraid