Thursday, June 17, 2010

Religious beliefs are insane

I think this is going to be one of my simplest posts ever written. I want to focus on how idiotic and childish religious faiths can be, particularly the christian faith. Just like any other myth they are impossible to believe and go beyond the realms of reason. If anything, all religious beliefs should be relegated to the category of myths and fantasies, since they reflect the imaginings of an ignorant people with limited knowledge about the world around them.

Let's look at the Christian myth for example in its entirety from start to finish. Well will take a general overview of this story in the simplest way possible without getting too much into detail and theology. God the so called creator of the universe was sitting in his ethereal plane one day and decided to create the universes, the planets, the various stars and finally amongst all this waste of space he creates one sole planet that is capable of supporting life as we know it.

Man sprung into existence full grown all by himself with no companion, so upon his request god created all the animals. I don't know what  was on the Lords mind, maybe he wanted Adam to fuck a goat. After finding himself still lonely he makes his request again, and out of his rib God creates a woman. They against God's wishes then go on and eat of the fruit of a tree in the garden that he did not want them to touch and so because of their disobedience they were tossed out of this magical garden, but not before all of the future generations of humanity were cursed forever.

So God made laws that man should abide by and rituals to temporarily hide their sins from the Lord while seeking his presence and favor. This was done through the use of animal sacrifices, and blood seemed the only thing that would appease him. But somehow God still was not satisfied and decided on another plan. He would make himself a man and die on a cross and lay down his own mortal life for us. While on Earth he prayed to himself since he was his own divine father and worked wonders through the might of his holy spirit. All three are God all at once playing out three different roles in this script simultaneously.

He rose from the dead and went floating on back to heaven to sit on his own right hand and now demands that we worship him forever and ever for what he has done. We are being blamed and punished for sins that we had nothing to do with. In fact just being born is a sin since we have inherited sin vicariously through Adam and Eve. This story is even more ridiculous than those that believe in it. Honestly I find more truth in Peter Pan than in the entire bible put together.


  1. This isn't a myth. It's an interpretation of a myth, just something to chew on for a while, "truth" with a small "t" in comparison to the Universe ending someday. Here it is: the original sin was anal intercourse. Oh yes, I am serious. Very serious. For the exegesis, google "Robert Hagedorn's Blogs" and read. You won't like what you read. So...there must be something wrong with the exegesis. Here's the challenge to us all: what's wrong with this very offensive exegesis?

  2. Robert I appreciate all your 15 years of study, but I think perhaps you maybe wrong about the exegesis story of Adam and Eve. I am a man of many years and I think from my own experience that the original sin committed by Adam and Eve was, Adam went down and licked on Eve's cunt.

    Here's why, a heterosexual man/boy focus's on a females pussy constantly from birth, I remember kissing my sisters pussy when she was 4 years old and I was only two years old and to this very day, I cannot get the focus and desire of kissing a woman's pussy out of my head to this very day, although I do not believe kissing a womans pussy led up to the story of Adam and Eve, but I do believe a man's desire to kiss a womans pussy was the flux that was incorporated into the ancient old tale of original sin.

    The vagina, the birth canal of which life springs forth, the tree of life, before technical and slang terms were invented and coined.

  3. Hi, I came by to get my daily fix of Chatpilot!

    "If anything, all religious beliefs should be relegated to the category of myths and fantasies, since they reflect the imaginings of an ignorant people with limited knowledge about the world around them." (This is key here!)

    Did you happen to watch Oprah today, Thur. 17th?
    There was a family who had a 7 year old girl that was diagnosed as schizophrenic, she had visions of ghosts and had hallucinations and incorporated friends and images in her mind in which she perceived as being real.

    This satisfies in my mind from reading the bible, that the people who wrote the bible were schizophrenic or completely insane, of course the people around them having no medical knowledge thought that the people who wrote down those things thinking it was a miracle and a blessing from god above. And we're talking about a time of pure ignorance almost as ignorant as people are

    I believe anonymous may be on to something there!

  4. I think Hagedorn and anonymous are both off of their meds and out of their stinking minds lol.