Saturday, June 5, 2010

Validating Christian beliefs

One thing I find ironic about Christianity is that this religion is supposed to be completely faith based, yet the Christians have demonstrated that they are just as eager to validate their beliefs as atheists are for finding evidence that supports their beliefs. To date there is no secular nor archeological evidence to support the veracity of the biblical texts. Faith and subjective evidence based on experience remain the only evidence for Christianity.

So called evidence such as the Shroud of Turin, the Jesus family tomb, the ossuary, and Noah's ark have all turned out to be very elaborate frauds, in most cases perpetuated by Christians to validate the truths of their biblical texts. It seems every time a discovery is made public of a possible piece of evidence to support the veracity of the scriptures the Christians begin to get restless in their cages.

The Catholic church in particular have been very busy over the centuries collecting what they believe to be Christian relics such as wood from the cross of Christ, the Chalice that led to the holy grail myths, the crown of thorns, even baby Jesus foreskin! Not to mention the over 30 nails that were supposedly used to nail Jesus to the cross. When will they get the picture? Their beliefs are myths and try as you may you will never find satisfactory evidence to support a myth. Because my dear Christians myths are not real.

I debated a Christian in May and this idiot said to me that the N.T. narrative was true because "there were towns mentioned there that have been discovered by archeologists". I told him all that proves is that those towns existed, it does nothing for proving Christianity. Novelists do it all the time they create great stories about murder and mayhem and use existing cities and towns as the backdrop to their tales.

I believe that god is so elusive because he does not exist, and that all the tales in the entire bible are nothing more than stories created against the backdrop of the time in which they were written. There will never be evidence for the existence of the biblical god or Jesus for that matter. Just a bunch of desperate gullible people trying to prove to us that their beliefs are real, yet all of their searching will be in vain.


  1. It's so unbelievable as to what great lengths christians will go to justify their bible god.

    I have a post on my front page, you need to read the comment section, this Jaybird guy is a preacher he never answers any of my comments and quotes scripture which never relates to anything I write and he thinks he's winning the debate.

    I resorted to calling him explicatives hoping he'd

  2. My guess is that if you used to be a Christian and now your not you either had a hard time believing it in the first place.

    Or you got hurt really bad and left. Most people who put up such a proactive front who were Christians are using it as a smoke screen for some other issue

  3. IF you really want to spend your life free from Christianity Why do you spend all your time being proactive in disproving it? Aren't you still tied to it if you spend all your time explaining why you don't like it? Not being a Christian still dictates your time... Interesting, you'd think you just get on with your life. I think you have some emotional/forgiveness issues to work through before you you promote atheism man.