Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Religion is slavery

One of the things that bother me most about religious beliefs, especially Christianity is that it seems to me that it is like a form of slavery. It is to put it plainly a form of oppression. Even the terminology of Christendom confirms this. In some instances god is considered a father figure and his followers are all his little children, but in others he is considered the Lord and master and his followers are referred to as his servants.

I personally have a huge problem with authority figures and to this day I have stated that if I was in a communistic country I am pretty sure I would be dead right now for insurrection. I don't like the whole master slave relationship. I find it belittling when someone refers to themselves as the servants of the Lord. What is the purpose of worshiping god? You go through so much just so that you can have eternal life after this one is over? You literally waste and deprive yourself of some of the joys of this life in hopes of obtaining a better life in the great beyond?

There is nothing noble about belittling yourself throughout your entire life to please a non existent being. I am one of the few atheists who dares to state definitively that there is no god or gods. My research has led me to prove to my own satisfaction that theism is false and that gods are not real. I try to live my life to the fullest every day, and do my best to help out those in need. I teach my children values that are pertinent towards living a full and productive life.

One of the things I discovered after becoming an atheist was that I felt as if I was literally set free, born again, and released from oppression. I felt that by shedding my garments of superstition I was able to see life in a whole new light. I was now able to explore and enjoy many things that at one time were prohibited because of my religious beliefs. Some call these things sin but I call them living, sin is not even a real word or viable concept for me anymore. If anything it is a sin to repress your natural instincts and desires, and deprive yourself of enjoying everything that this life has to offer in the here and now.

I was no longer concerned about the afterlife, hell, judgment day etc. I now could redirect my life to those things that were fun and productive, I could enjoy any vice I desired without worrying about god approving or disapproving of my actions. I did not need the criticism or the consent of the church to do anything anymore. To be an atheist is to truly free your mind to think, analyze, and to grow in knowledge.

On a side note I almost forgot to tell you my followers and those that enjoy this blog that just yesterday I have started a new blog on where I get into details about my journey from die hard theism to atheism. Here is the link


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! The thing about belittling comes from an uneducated mind of pure ignorance, which is what the bible was written from, it appears that the canine thinks from that perspective.

    A dog looks up to his master and is ready to leap to it's death in it's willingness to please it's master.

    The bible's aim is to belittle and dumb-down it's readers to a point of submission and total loyalty, and it does this very well, just look at the mindless sheep trotting into the churches every Sunday.

    My mother is 78, a fanatical christian, and she thinks by not having central air put into her home, she denies herself comfort in the hot summer days by suffering with heat, her kin folks avoid visiting her, because her house is too hot for them, most of them have central a/c, even most churches of today have a/c.

    She can afford the a/c but she considers herself a good servant for jc, and this is what jc would want, suffering and discomfort, to deny one's self of pleasures and comforts in hopes of a greater reward in the next life. She'll probably die of a heat stroke and jesus will be happy.

    I can see how someone living back over 2000 years ago might think this way, since there was no modern technology to revert to, it probably seemed to them that someone above was punishing them for just being alive and according to the bible, just being born into this world is a huge sin.

    But the bible is not applicable for the times we live in today, it endorses subservience and rewards stupidity, such as "ye shall return as a little child" ready to mindlessly follow, bullshit!

    The mistake we make as humans is, when we think someone other than ourselves has an ability to possess unique information that only they could have acquired by special intervention or "gifts of the spirit" through dreams and visions received as a reward through subservience to an invisible god, this wrong thinking is passed on to us early on from childhood thinking our parents were like gods to us, we had to obey them.

    Getting ready to check that new site out! :-)

    1. u guys are HELLA stupid so what happens if u die where u goin to go to????it anit bull shit u fuckin DUMASS bitch then u goin to hell bastard

    2. Anonymous said:"what happens if u die"

      Well, believe it or not your own bible in the Old Testament tells you what happens that is before the Christians added their silly spin to it. Read Genesis 3:19 "19 By the sweat of your face will you earn your food, until you return to the ground, as you were taken from it. For dust you are and to dust you shall return.' That's what happens when you die idiot!