Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freedom of expression

One of the many things I find offensive about religionists, especially the fundamental ones is that they are always ranting about freedom to express their beliefs and their rights to preach the gospel; but apparently this only applies to them because when an atheist decides to express his unbelief in their fairy tales and myths he is labeled immoral, and is called or inspired by Satan to keep the "truth" from being promulgated.

Apparently freedom of expression only applies to those that believe as they do and agree with their doctrines and teachings. Otherwise you have according to them no right to speak nor express your views since in their eyes everything you say is inspired by the prince of darkness and evil himself Satan. They see things in black and white basically, if it is not coming from their god it's coming from his nemesis.

The thing about it is that the government is supposed to stay out of religious affairs and keep themselves separate from them according to the U.S. Constitutional ammendment, but in practice it is not upheld at all. In fact you have religious inscriptions all over our public buildings and even on all of our currency. There was a time not long ago that your testimony was not valid in court if you did not take their oath to tell the truth in the name of their god.

Religious organizations are given a tax exempt status and are categorized as non profit organizations, when everyone knows that one of the most lucrative enterprises to run is a religious organization. They don't call their donations revenue they call them gifts or donations! Now that is a smack in the face of anyone with a brain stem. Will talk about this more in my next post, till then take care and I will see you soon.

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  1. Chat this is so spot on. Christians believe in freedom of speech as long as it's what they want to hear, and if someone challenges their silly beliefs, they immediately flop out the persecution card. They have churches on every street corner, public prayer, ten commandments posted in restaurants, Billy Graham articles, TV evangelists on every TV station and radio, 24/7.

    What atheists really need badly is a big powerful TV station all their own running 24/7, but some jesus freak would get in and kill everyone. Religions are dangerous to normal people.

    Religions are evil and I do not know how to wake people up from their religious insanity. Believe me, I've tried every angle.

    How did religions get to this point this far into the 21st century of people thinking they are perceived special to a calling from a god, so much so that they are fanatically insane?

    How can such nonsense last for so long with so very few picking up on the obvious idiotic nonsense fraud? Can you explain this to me to where I can understand it?