Thursday, May 6, 2010

Christian literacy

One of the things I find most impressive amongst the atheist communities is that atheists seem to know the bible better than most theists. If you took the time to do some research you would be surprised to know how many Christians have actually read the bible in its entirety. They seem to be content to have the so called men of the cloth interpret the scriptures for them and spoon feed their version of what Jesus meant here or God meant there etc.

As a former evangelist and devout Christian myself I can tell you that it was the act of actually reading the bible that pushed me further away from the biblical god. It seems that everything that god condemned humanity for he himself was guilty of. He is vain glorious like no other and in Proverbs 6:17 it says that the Lord hates a lying tongue yet in 1 Kings 22:23 he sends a lying spirit out to deceive a bunch of prophets. It is contradictions like these that irk me most about the bible.

Many Christians only cherry pick out of the bible those things that are palatable and sweet to their eyes and ears and seem to turn a blind eye to the contradictions and the more condemning scriptures. This in my view shows a measure of hypocrisy on their part and is something that makes me dislike them even more. If you claim to follow the precepts of this god you worship then take the word in its entirety and not piece meal to suit your needs or soothe your soul.

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  1. The bible is really not a believable document, one must take it upon blind faith in hopes that some day it becomes true, but the bible was written by ignorant humans about a god whom they had hoped existed somewhere out there perhaps in another dimension just beyond their grasp, hoping that if they were to vehemently pray and worship this invisible god, he would some day take favoritism upon them and all their prayer and worship would not be in vain, but for their glory...I think frontal lobe trauma probably fits the bill here.