Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The bible is outdated

One thing I find extremely fascinating even today; is that the bible even after a time span of about 6 thousand years is still considered relevant today by so many people. Some Christians and Jews would love to attribute the bibles longevity to divine providence or in the Christians view the Holy Spirit. They claim that the "truths" outlined in the scriptures somehow are confirmed by some inner knowing within our spirits.

I am of the opinion that the only reason that the bible has survived to this day is because of the continuing ignorance of the masses, and the powerful influences of society and tradition. Most people inherit some form of religion through their parents and their community rather than through divine inspiration. To state that ignorance is bliss is to define everything that Christianity in general is all about.

All of the excuses for our ignorance are attributed to our so called "sinful" nature, and when we are redeemed in Christ then what we can't explain will be revealed to us after we die and receive our glorified bodies and inherit the kingdom of the biblical god. One thing is evident to those of us who actually still know how to use our brains, that this is nothing more than circular reasoning at best.

To Christians and the like the source of all knowledge is attributed to God and there is no true knowledge that can be obtained otherwise. To be a Christian you have to close your eyes, bury your head in the sand, and give up your mind to the ignorance that is primitive belief systems. The bible itself is an open ended document that is pliable enough to interpret its verses to mean whatever the situation you are facing calls for.


  1. I don't know man,

    A lot of the commands in the Bible have to do with relationships, Relationships are never outdated, no matter how much we evolve I don't know a single person who has reached the evolutionary pinnacle of doing relationships right. I mean can you really honestly tell me we have arrived to the point we we don't need to be told to forgive or to tell the truth, I mean if its outdated people should be doing these things by nature. I mean the Bible says, not to get into debt, yet lots of Americans are in debt.... If its outdated, why do people still do things that hurt them?

  2. I do agree with you that some of the things in the bible are relative to relationships but you must keep in mind that way before the bible man has been working on relationships. Everything we learn in life comes mostly from experience if you exclude the beliefs in the supernatural based on subjective experiences. Thousands of years before the O.T. there were societies and civilizations who had religious beliefs that taught similar precepts as those found in the bible. In fact, the bible has plagiarized many of those same concepts within its pages.

  3. I have no idea how I landed on your blog...but how refreshing and true ! So many senseless wars...so much judgement...so much ignorance in Religion...scares the heck out of me. How about "kindness"..."love"...and being a good empathetic person. Life is just a "temporary ride at best "... a true gift...do what you can to help others...animals...and enjoy every minute of life. Thanks for the words of wisdom...

    1. Thanks for your support and lovely comment Lori. I hope you stick around and read some of my other articles, I am sure you will enjoy some of them as well. Welcome to my blog and I hope to be seeing you back again soon.