Friday, May 17, 2013

The Devil made me do it!

One of the things I despised as a fundamentalist Christian was how some of my fellow believers and evangelists blamed everything on the devil. My partner in the ministry was one of those types of believers. He blamed the devil for everything from epilepsy to homosexuality, to natural urges such as lust and even "normal" sexual desires. He viewed women that dressed "too provocatively" as immoral instruments of Satan to draw men away from God through distracting them through sexual lusts and desires.

Since God hates women I thank the devil for women like Rosario Dawson! 

Sick people today love to use either God or the Devil as scapegoats for the crimes they commit against their own children, husbands, wives, family members, or society. They claim to hear voices in their heads telling them to kill such and such. This is not the result of demons or devils or God for that matter. It is more than likely that the person suffers from multiple personality disorders, schizophrenia, psychotic breaks and delusions. 

New York's infamous David Berkowitz aka the Son of Sam.

David Berkowitz was a serial killer who began his spree in the summer of 1976 and which lasted a little over a year. He was also known as the 44 caliber killer because his crimes consisted of shooting people with a 44 calibre pistol. He claimed that he received his orders from a demon that had possessed his neighbors dog! Fortunately after he was captured and sentenced he was given six consecutive life sentences, so luckily for us we wont be seeing him in the local supermarket anytime soon. 

Today I was watching a Spanish television realityy court show where two people were seeking a divorce after 27 years of marriage because they found out that both their adult kids were gay! Mom could not take it because she was religious and dad could not take it because he was an ignorant discriminating asshole who is still stuck in the bronze ages. As experts there was presented a reverend, a psychiatrist, and a medical doctor. The kids agreed to undergo an exorcism in the court room and not suprisingly it was an utter failure. The judge reamed out the reverend and set the parents straight on their need to love their kids for who they are. 

When I was in the church preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ I too was opposed to homosexuality. But my position on the matter was that gays were still children of God and that you could not get through to them if it wasn't with genuine love and understanding. My younger sister is gay, and she first came out to me. She asked my opinion about God's view on gays and I gave it to her based on my beliefs in a non-offensive or critical manner. But I found a couple of Christian groups who are calling gays people who are damned to hell or possessed by demons. But it's okay! God can fix it with a simple exorcism. 
Tell that gay cock sucking demon to go to hell!! LOL
As much as I hate and despise all types of discrimination I found this video quite entertaining. It seems that there are demons out there that give you the urge if you are a guy to suck a dick and desire to have all out gay sex with another man. The same can be said about those evil lesbian inducing spirits of hell that can cause an otherwise "normal" woman to desire to have sex with her female friends. When will Christians get it that these things are not demons they are just human nature. They need to learn to live in their own delusions and leave the rest of the world the hell alone. 


  1. Is it shallow of me to say I followed your blog because I figured anyone that liked Rosario Dawson was worth reading more about?

    I am not sure if the Gay Demons thing is funny or sad.

    New follower, keep up the great work.

    1. I've had a huge crush on Rosario Dawson since I first saw her in Seven Pounds. I think the gay demon thing is sad because of the way it discriminates against gays and tries to make them feel guilty for being different.

      On the other hand it's funny from the perspective of an atheist who was a former believer such as myself, to see the ridiculous beliefs that people of the church espouse.

      Thanks for the compliments and welcome to my blog I have about 312 posts and counting so there's a lot of material here for your reading pleasure.