Saturday, May 25, 2013

God loves death!

Most Christians upon conversion are often told how much God loves them. They are taught that he gave his son as a sacrifice for their sins and to serve as a ransom for us all. With his blood a new covenant is established with mankind and he opens the door for man to once again establish a direct relationship with God through him. Jesus is our intercessor, our mediator, our advocate before the Lord. But they forget to inform you that God is not all love, peace, and happiness. They forget to inform you that their is a dark side to this deity that you as a believer may never want to cross.

39“See now that I myself am he!There is no god besides me.I put to death and I bring to life,I have wounded and I will heal,and no one can deliver out of my hand.40I lift my hand to heaven and solemnly swear:As surely as I live forever,41when I sharpen my flashing swordand my hand grasps it in judgment,I will take vengeance on my adversariesand repay those who hate me.42I will make my arrows drunk with blood,while my sword devours flesh:the blood of the slain and the captives,the heads of the enemy leaders.” Deuteronomy 32:39-42

In dire need of anger management!

The church forgets to tell you that God has some serious anger management issues and is someone not only to be loved but to be feared as well. You see the biblical deity has this policy that basically says "it's my way or else!" The latter part of that statement is the one you have to be concerned about, because the bible is filled with horrendous descriptions that bring about horrible images of all the things he can do to you when you step out of line. 

In the bible physical death is just the beginning. God's wrath can follow you into eternity and he gets some kind of sick satisfaction knowing that you are paying for your disobedience with eternal pain and suffering. 

You see, God invented this place called hell which according to the scriptures he meant to use for the Devil and his angels but then decided what the heck I might as well dispose of sinner there as well. "Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels." Matthew 25:41 
The biblical deity is fond of death. The bible is full of death threats to those who don't obey God and in the Old Testament the good Lord makes good on those threats on various occasions. "But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him." Luke 12:5 I guess for God fear is a sign of respect when in all actuality it is not. If you are forced to obey someone and even give that person your love because of fear then you don't love and respect that person you fear them and what they can do to you. 
Exodus 21 has some interesting rules where God advocates the death penalty
15“Anyone who attacks their father or mother is to be put to death.
16“Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper’s possession
17“Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.
Exodus 22
18“Do not allow a sorceress to live.
19“Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal is to be put to death.
20“Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the Lord must be destroyed
Lethal injection chamber
Leviticus 20 is chock full of death penalty laws 
2“Say to the Israelites: ‘Any Israelite or any foreigner residing in Israel who sacrifices any of his children to Molek is to be put to death.
9“ ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. Because they have cursed their father or mother, their blood will be on their own head.
10“ ‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.
11“ ‘If a man has sexual relations with his father’s wife, he has dishonored his father. Both the man and the woman are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
12“ ‘If a man has sexual relations with his daughter-in-law, both of them are to be put to death. What they have done is a perversion; their blood will be on their own heads.
13“ ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
14“ ‘If a man marries both a woman and her mother, it is wicked. Both he and they must be burned in the fire, so that no wickedness will be among you.

I think you all get the point! It's ironic how today's Christians are against the death penalty when the very god they claim to worship was more than fond of it. They stand outside courthouses protesting the death penalty and calling it murder, but why is it okay for God to be exempt? The biblical god has done his fair share of murder and has ordered death and executions throughout the bible against those that broke his laws. He often gloats about how powerful he is and how we are all required to fear him in our hearts. 

There were several reasons why I left the church but when I began reading the bible from cover to cover it was precisely the savagery of God that propelled me towards atheism. How could anyone respect, love, and worship such a monster? I've often compared God to tyrants and dictators of our histories past, but when it comes to a one on one relationship he reminds me of an abusive boyfriend or spouse. You know the type he hits beats his partner up and then explains how much he loves her and how she drove him to beat her. In domestic violence situations it's always the victims fault. The abuser does not take responsibility for his own actions. God doesn't either.

There is a great book out that focuses on the evil that this god of the bible has done. If hell were real then we would have to say that he continues to do. The book is entitled 'Drunk With Blood: God's Killings in the Bible.'The idea of worshiping anyone or anything is against my nature. I tend to view us all as equals although some of us make bad choices in life and tend to get derailed from living a good life. From a naturalistic perspective what we call evil makes so much more sense then positing evil on a devil or some made up deity. 

For more information on this title you can go to the official website here. You can preview the book there and purchase it directly through the site. 

Note: All biblical citations  are from the New International Version


  1. I have to disagree with the death penalty and christianity, a lot of christians I know fully support it. Which makes sense in OT terms, but they miss the whole NT....but then again they pick and choose they texts anyway.

    1. I've had the opposite experience. Most Christians I have met are against the death penalty they often cite that only God has the right to take a life. But as you stated they pick and choose what they want to believe out of the scriptures. Also, you have to take into consideration what brand of Christian you are dealing with. Every sect is different and believe different things according to how they choose to interpret certain texts.

  2. One of my good friends is a retired Episcopal priest, retired Navy chaplain, and one-time Chicago cop. His take on capital punishment is that when it is invoked it is simply time to "recycle a lost soul."