Friday, April 27, 2012

Latest change on my blog

As much as I hate to do this I am sorry to say that I have decided to block anonymous posters from making comments on my blog. The reason for this is that I am quite tired of anonymous posters of a certain type coming on my blog making ignorant statements, and demonstrating through those statements how deluded and intolerant they truly are.

I am willing to discuss religion in a civil manner with anyone who is willing to respect my unbelief as well. But when you start making personal attacks or ignorant statements based on your beliefs and your theology then that is where I draw the line. I am here to share my experiences as both a former fundamentalist believer and as a veteran atheist of 18 years. I am not here to argue and fight with fundamentalist who quite honestly in my opinion, based both in experience and what I've learned lack the tools knowledge wise to even discuss these matters coherently.

If you are dead set in your beliefs feel free to comment, but don't think that you can turn my blog into one of your stupid and ignorant proselytizing tools. I won't have it and if gaining converts is your goal then maybe you should start your own blog. I don't come here to win people over to atheism since there is nothing I can teach about atheism. I am here to share and inform those interested in atheism about what we generally believe or in the case of religion don't believe from my point of view.  

This blog is a place for new and veteran atheist, for theist that are interested in knowing what we think about their gods, and for those with an open mind. I will not tolerate anyone insulting neither my readers nor myself. This is a place for civil discussion about atheism, theism, and religious matters and nothing more. It is not a debate forum nor a place to bicker and fight about things that in the end are a matter of ones own personal preference and opinions.


  1. Thanks for doing so! If someone is too lazy to make up a name, I see no point in responding to them, it's no trouble to make up a name so people can distinguish who is commenting.

  2. Completely agree with you Steven! This particular person was more of a nuisance really, I got tired of answering a bunch of stupid questions. He was more of a troll.