Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christianity in a nutshell

According to the teachings in the bible there is a being whose nature cannot be defined because he is at the same time ineffable. Thanks to anthropomorphism this being has even been given a sex; it's a boy!! But this was not always the case since we also have found throughout history and in various cultures that sometimes goddesses were believed to have existed and were worshiped as well. But for the record the biblical God is in some way, shape, or form identified as a male ( the so called dominant sex).

I find it ironic that this God that so many revere and worship today was developed in a time and place where the woman was considered a second class citizen. Her only purpose for existence according to the sacred texts of the Old Testament was to serve man, and to bear children. She was to be as the King James Bible calls her an help meet/suitable helper for the man. The rest of the scriptures especially in the old testament is chock full of stories about how women are to blame pretty much for every evil known to man. It was the woman that caused Adam to disobey God's specific command to not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Although, you have to remember that it was not entirely Eve's fault for she was tempted to disobey first by a talking snake!

Because of the actions of the first couple man became separated from God due to his newly found sinful nature. As time went on man progressively got worst and the gap between man and God grew wider. It got so bad that god eventually decided to destroy man and regretted having created him. In fact, he seemed to be thinking of starting over from scratch and killing not just man but all other living creatures as well. But there was one righteous man name Noah who moved God to spare him and his family a total of eight people by making him build an ark and filling it with representatives of every animal species according to very specific instructions.

After floating around in this ark for about a year Noah and company finally landed on dry land and began to repopulate the earth once again. But of course as expected man was still corrupt because God had not completely eradicated mans sinful nature, since Noah was a descendant of Adam and Eve. So God instituted a system of blood sacrifices that many Christians say was a type of Christ and what was to come. But this system only appeased God temporarily and had to be repeated several times a year by every family and the Hebrews as a nation. So God decided to switch to plan B to end this cycle once and for all.

Plan B consisted of God coming to our humble little planet as a man/Jesus and then the plan was that as a man he was to endure hardships and temptations just like the rest of us. He was finally going to be like the O.T. scapegoat and bear the sins of the entire world both from the past and generations to come. He was then to die at the hands of man as the perfect sacrifice to God/himself to take away the sins of the world for all those that believed in him and accepted his sacrifice as atonement for their sins forever.

Oh, but wait! The story does not end there. After having died a terribly painful death on the cross of Calvary he was laid to rest, and on the second or third day he allegedly came back to life in a new glorified body and rose to the heavens disappearing into the clouds in plain sight of about 500 witnesses! Unfortunately they were all illiterate and poor and had no way to put these events down in writing and either way they still could not afford the price of writing materials anyway, so even if they were literate it would not have made much of a difference. Needless to say we have no first hand accounts of this event nor even a clue about who these 500 witnesses were.

The incredible thing is that today over two thousand years of this miraculous and ridiculous story, there are still those that number in the millions who are still waiting for this divine dead guy to come back! People to this day all over the world pay homage to him and pray to him for help with their mundane affairs. They shed tears of love and devotion for a nonexistent being and swear by every fiber of their being that they can feel his presence and some even hear his voice and have visions and dreams of him as well! I find it ironic that when you ask them what he looked like he looks just like they imagined he would based on how they were taught to believe.

Well, there you have it folks all wrapped up in a simple little article minus all the bullshit and esoteric and mystical mumbo jumbo! So all that's left is for you the reader to accept to believe this tale is true and you will earn an eternal life full of bliss basking in the presence of this loving creator. Or you can disbelieve it and await your new post death torture and eternal torment for not being gullible enough to believe in a God whose existence is dubious, and who has no interest in proving to us that he exists outside of the myths as narrated in the bible. Don't forget that a couple of emotionally charged subjective feelings etc. don't count as proof and can't be validated as such.

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