Saturday, April 13, 2013

Atheist evangelist!

One of my commenters stated plainly that I was in denial of the "evidence" for the existence of Christ, and that I was actually suffering from confirmation bias because I was too busy evangelizing for atheism. That's a new one I must admit, but I've heard it before although it was never addressed towards me.

This actually brought a smile to my face

Christians for some reason think that they own the market on ideas and freedom of speech. They love to proselytize their silly superstitions to the rest of the world and expect those like myself who are unconvinced to remain silent about the matter. On the other hand when we do speak up we are accused of evangelizing for atheism. The biggest problem with this accusation is that atheism is not a religion. I take this accusation personally and I find it rather insulting because by me creating this blog that was not my intent. I think that my experience with Christianity as all other former theists who are now atheists is quite unique and sharing it with others gives me great pleasure.

beliefs and worship: people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life
system: an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine
Unlike Christianity, evangelizing for atheism would be quite pointless. Simply because we do not believe in the existence of any deities, angels, demons, gods, or some other strange supernatural beings. As atheists we demand evidence before we commit to any ideas or views about our universe, origins, or demise. We don't create non-existent fates for ourselves in imaginary places such as hell, heaven, or purgatory. We don't believe that a man died 2,000 years ago nor that that particular man was God. Despite the fact that before Christ and even to this day there are many who have made similar claims. 
The very idea of this man coming back from the dead 2,000 plus years ago to take his followers to heaven while the rest of the world gets condemned to an eternal torment in hell is borderline insane. Somehow Christians find this idea rational because they have bought into their fairy tales entirely based on faith. Faith as everyone knows requires no evidence for belief, and their feeble attempts to validate the scriptures from an evidential standpoint turned out to be an exercise in futility.
Unlike believers atheists are not bound by religious beliefs and laws as outlined in the scriptures. The word sin being defined as an offense against God is utterly ridiculous and nonsensical outside of a religious context. Atheists have various opinions and are best defined as true freethinkers. If as a theists you formulated a list of ten questions you would ask ten atheists, I guarantee that you would not hear the same answer twice.  We all have diversified views about religion, politics, evolution, abiogenesis, etc.

We do not worship science but have great respect for science and scientific endeavors. Regardless of some theists disdain for science, it is because of science that I am communicating my ideas and experiences to the world from this laptop. It is because of science that we no longer run around trying to cast out demons from epileptics. It is because of science that we have made so many technological and medical advances in this day and age.

We have no churches, dogmas, doctrines or bibles to share. I speak about atheism openly because I think that it is a more rational position to take. I've been on both sides of the fence myself and take great pride in my ability to have freed my mind of the hold of the traditional myths and superstitions that permeate my culture and society. It's high time that people see religion for what it is; a silly superstition and nothing more!


  1. Chatpilot, I really enjoy your posts. I swear, it's like you read my thoughts sometimes. I wanted to point out two things. One, is that "boarder line insane" should be "borderline insane". I've used that phrase myself about theistic beliefs, and it's been justified every single time in my view. The other is that it is impossible to "worship" science. You and I do not worship science, because science is not an object and therefore cannot be worshiped. It is a practice, a methodology, of acquiring knowledge and forming hypotheses of the origins and workings of various phenomena in our world, including ourselves. I feel personally insulted every time I am told that I worship science, as if my reverence for science could be equated with the mindless obedience and acquiescence to an invisible friend which is actually imaginary. I'm not 100% militant, and even when I am, I do not go at it 24/7, but statements like this sure light my fuse to speak! LOL.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the borderline thing. I wasn't sure while I was writing that post whether it was border line or one word as you stated. I has been corrected. My sentiments exactly regarding science and the worship of science. I was simply repeating yet one of the many ridiculous accusations theists make against us non-believers.

  3. My sentiment exactly. We have no catechism so their psychological projection that we must have a parallel system to their own is just silly. No catechism. Nothing to worship. No reason to believe or disbelieve anything in particular outside of not believing in a god.

    To some extent there is some "evangelizing," with authors such as Dawkins, but I doubt he has reached anyone who wasn't already sitting on the fence. I sometimes want to rush out and deconvert the faithful but compared to the systematic evangelizing that Christians do, the little evangelizing that atheists do is ridiculously small.