Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A stupid plan by a stupid God!

I was sitting around yesterday thinking about the word of God as usual, looking for flaws in the flood story, once again I have come up with one that demonstrates once again what an inept creator the biblical god is. So before I begin let me set it up for my readers so that you can see the big picture and understand in greater detail my critique of these passages of scripture. According to the story regarding the fall of man Adam and Eve having sinned against God brought upon themselves and the rest of mankind a curse. This curse involved pretty much everything negative you could think of that could befall mankind, death, birth pangs for women, and  sin and all that that entails and its many consequences.

Now lets move ahead to a question that has been nagging at me for quite some time now: What was the purpose of the global flood that is described in Genesis chapter 6? Lets take a look at what the verses 7 and 8 have to say regarding the matter:  '7.And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.8.But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.'  So according to this text God intended to destroy mankind as we know it and not just mankind but also every living creature that he had created. Now this does not sound like the acts of a just God, since in my opinion the animals had nothing to do with the fall of mankind. Sure, the devil under the guise of a serpent led Adam and Eve to temptation through the means of guile and deception but the snake had no part in that. Whether he possessed an actual snake or transformed himself into a snake is irrelevant and another issue entirely.

The thing I find curious about this passage is particularly verse 8 where it says that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. So, since God thought Noah was cool he still carried out his plan to cleanse the Earth but decided to spare Noah and his family. If you look at sin through the analogy of a disease for instance, you will see that there is no logic in what this biblical idiot did in the first place. It's like saying I will destroy the aids virus from the face of the Earth but I like this particular strain of it and so I will spare them from destruction. If God wanted to start with a clean slate he should have taken out Noah and his family as well and create man from scratch all over again minus the tree in the garden and the ability to sin. By sparing Noah and his family they became carriers of the sin virus through their being descendants of Adam and Eve. God of course being omniscient (all knowing) should have foreseen the folly of this plan.

What this demonstrates is that the biblical God is not omniscient and he seems pretty human to me, since it was a person and not a god that wrote these myths down and based on this and many other passages of scripture I don't think that there was any inspiration from this fictional god to do so. In essence what the biblical god did was a useless waste of time and lives if this tale were true. Here is another aspect of this tale that not too many people talk about, theists differentiate themselves from animals and consider themselves a special creation with a spirit and a soul, if this is the case then how did the animals also inherit the consequences of sin as well? Particularly; death, decay, diseases, etc. All of creation somehow incurred the consequences of sin whether they were conscious creatures or not, because two creatures with the ability to choose chose to disobey Gods commandments. Basing myself on these brief observations I would say that God is as just as your church inquisitor who tortured and maimed many to force them to accept their fairy tales and then killed the body to liberate the soul from hell.

Evolution on the other hand is a better explanation for why we die, suffer, get sick, etc. It puts all living organisms on the same playing field. There is no need to explain the actions of a fictional deity, all processes of life are just the natural progression of life. Theism, especially the various aspects of creationism or ID don't stand a chance against science and evolutionary theory.


  1. The exegesis for the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis causes nervousness, especially among mystics. Why? Because the real sin Adam and Eve committed (IN THE STORY) was anal sex--the mystery Augustine almost solved 1600 years ago in his unscientific manner. (He thought their sin was normal penile/vaginal sex.) For more information google "WikiAnswers-What is wrong with Robert Hagedorn's Blogs"

  2. I had read his blog before and I don't buy it. I did not find the so called evidence convincing at all.

  3. What I cannot understand is, why so many people pretend to worship and follow a god that would punish people (all of humanity) just from two people disobeying him, although the animals and all living things come under the same punishment, and without question.

    It's similar to Hitlers followers, knowing he was out to destroy the Jewish culture and witnessing the killings and torture, yet he had such a tremendous loyal following.

    It's like blind submission, a lemur mentality, there's safety in numbers maybe?