Monday, July 5, 2010

Noahs Ark absurd beyond reason!

One of the biblical tales that I have found throughout my years of research that holds a  couple of blatant contradictions is the story of the world flood as narrated in Genesis chapter 6. Although the bible itself claims that this in fact was a worldwide flood that God carried out with the intent of destroying all life on Earth besides that of Noah and his immediate family a total of 8 persons, many have begun to state that this in fact might not have been a worldwide flood but rather a local flood. Just by making such a statement they outright contradict what their holy books states in Genesis 6:17 'And, behold, I, even I, bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and everything that is in the earth shall die.' In my opinion nothing could be stated more clearly. Modern theologians unwittingly sacrifice their so called truths for interpretation by trying to constantly stay in step with the modern world.

Now, just as I illustrated with the creation story many don't know that there are in fact two flood stories and they are actually fused together into one narrative. This also lends credence to the theory that there were in fact as many as four authors behind the writing of the Torah, and that it in fact was not written by Moses as many Jews and Christians tend to believe. Contrary to what many may think flood myths are nothing new but rather they have been a part of world folklore and myths for thousands of years, I have been doing research on this as well and have found a great site that covers alot of information regarding this matter. Here is the link for those interested in researching this further:

Now let's get into the biblical contradictions regarding the great flood that God supposedly brought down on mankind. The most blatant of them is the number of animals that were actually required by Noah to collect and bring into the ark. Genesis 6:19 clearly states; 'And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.' The first thing you should notice from this passage is that God does not make any distinction of clean and unclean animals and he particularly states that they should be two of every living creature.

Now let's take a look at God's instructions to Noah in Genesis 7:2 ; 'Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female. In both tales they refer in subsequent verses to all animals that walk, crawl, or fly but in one tale there is no differentiation of clean and unclean beasts. In fact another point to take into consideration is that this part of the story makes no sense because the ten commandments and all the other commandments found in Leviticus were not yet given to the Hebrews. In fact this entire tale is supposed to be taking place before Moses led the Hebrews out of captivity from Egypt. According to the exodus tale Moses received the commandments from God while they sojourned in the Sinai desert. This alone is evidence that this tale could in fact have been written either later than the exodus narrative and thus makes this tale a complete fiction. or it was written as is and was later edited with the clean and unclean animals at a later date. Either way this small piece of evidence flushes the veracity of this tale right down the toilet. This being the case how is Noah supposed to know which animals were clean and which were unclean.

One cannot even imagine how many species of animals, birds, insects and other crawling things existed on the Earth when this supposed tale took place, and even worse one cannot fathom an ark full of every living creature, Noah and his family, and the food that they had to collect for both all the animals and themselves as stated in Genesis 6:21 'And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee and for them.' So according to this text the ark had a food pantry, but what about the animals that ate other animals? What of the birds that feasted on insects, or larger insects that fed on smaller insects? How did all these people and animals go to the bathroom? Are we to believe that they were divinely constipated for the entire year that they were in the ark? Or did they just shit in the ark and Noah and family spent a year of constant toil cleaning up animal feces of every species that ever walked the Earth? What about some of the prehistoric creatures? Were there dinosaurs in the ark and teradactyls too? All of these points just go to show how ridiculously stupid and inane these tales are, and even more so how stupid a belief of them is. In order to be a successful Christian you must suspend all logic, reason, and critical thinking and just accept all of this nonsense as fact.


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  3. One of the most obvious lessons that one should come away with is that, the flood fiasco didn't work, after all that planning and scheming by god to elect Noah and his family to build a boat and fill it with animals and flood the earth to eliminate all sin and wickedness never worked, even after the flood, Noah gets drunk and soon after in the same book of Genesis we have the wicked city of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The thing about christianity is that threat of hell so imbibes a young venerable mind to a point of absolventcy, beyond the point of their own common sense and reason. This is plainly why christianity is nothing more than a mind numbing religious cult. How it has survived this far into the 21st century is beyond me, the thing is that christians don't really know the implications of what is behind the teachings of the bible, it is a religious cult that promotes the eating of jesus' body at that particular time soon after his death, St. John 6:53 and then they have the gall to mimic eating his flesh and drinking his blood in communion, which should be against the law of this land.

    Communion is viewed as some type of sanctimonious act, what is even more depressing is that we have a president that does not know this himself and the presidents before him were not aware of the teachings of christianity.

    The Indians, never practiced cannibalism before the white man came over here that I am aware of. The practice of communion to me, is a despicable act of insanity and then interweave it to a loving god that wants to send people to hell just because they do not believe in him and his earthly son.

  4. Chatpilot,

    AWESOME article.....

    This is a classic example of just how deep the religious mind is mired in delusion. Ain't it great to be free from having to defend such a ridiculous belief system?

    Keep them coming!!

  5. I am just getting warmed up my friends more to come.

  6. Clean animals? By what standard, I wonder? Did you mention dinosaurs? Did you mean the dinosaur bones that Satan planted to confound the wicked? lol

    Can you imagine how many people would jump at the chance to ride a boat with all those animals, with just one window and one door and no life vests, nor one spare life boat, no bathrooms, not knowing if the boat will even float, not knowing when you'll ever come back to where you got on, nor how long you'll be at sea?

    Great stuff, Chat!

  7. Even if there were a hundred windows that would be one hell of a ride.

  8. Well put. The fact that some people still believe in such delusions and fairytales is quite astounding. They never fail to make my jaw drop when they try to rationalize it by spewing even more bull to go along with it.

  9. I have brought up such issues with Christians and then the spinning begins. They say the God that can flood the world and save 8 in an Ark can take care of all the animals for the year. Another said God put the animals asleep for the time period. Of course they use the flood to explain how the layers of earth "evolved" The fish would buried first, then the amphibians, then the reptiles and finally the mammals who were the most clever of all. It was one tidy flood. The one that seems to stump them the most is why nearly all marsupials are only found in Australia/NZ. I ask how come no Kangaroo fossils are found from Mt Ararat to the land down under. And how did they cross the ocean. I saw smoke coming from their ears trying to sort out that one.
    Also, how is it when the animals came out of the Ark the predators didn't immediately kill all the prey?

    As far as how can you get all the animals in the ark? They surprising push micro-evolution and say the number of kinds was quite small.

    I knew about the 2 and 7 conflict. Thanks for noting that this was from multiple authors/stories. And the whole part of clean and unclean hadn't occurred to me. Good point.

  10. "the whole part of clean and unclean"..
    I meant how at the time of Noah there was no concept of clean and unclean.

  11. It's funny, but while I was reviewing the story I too discovered the whole clean and unclean error. I have never seen it brought up in any books I've read throughout the years on the matter.

  12. "Another said God put the animals asleep for the time period" That is easily refutable because if that was the case God would have no need for them to also load up the ark with food for themselves and all the animals if they were going to be asleep for the ride ex-minister1. Christians would do anything to make their b.s. credible.

  13. You know guys, I really do love you from the bottom of my heart, but honestly these arguments are really lame and have nothing to do reason or secular academics. If any of you were true scholars you would look at the evidence. For instance in this article, it suggests we shouldn't believe in Christianity because the flood story sounds ridiculous and could not have have happened. My problem is not WHAT (even though I disagree with it) your conclusion is but HOW you arrive at your conclusion.
    Sersiouly guys if your going to use "reason" to attack Christianity, do a better job and use academics, not your own reason. The reason is because some smarter and more educated than you can come along and make you look dumb. For instance, any academic historian will tell that almost all ancient cultures had a flood story similar to Noah. And in ancient history even if an account is labeled a myth, there is usually a seed of truth in it somewhere. So here's the issue with this article. Lots of scholars who are ATHIESTS would agree that there actually was some unnatural flood and some people escaped on boat like the ark

  14. These are all cultures that share similar stories:
    1.1 Ancient Near East
    1.1.1 Sumerian
    1.1.2 Babylonian (Epic of Gilgamesh)
    1.1.3 Jewish
    1.1.4 Islamic
    1.2 Asia-Pacific
    1.2.1 China
    1.2.2 Lao (Indochina)
    1.2.3 India
    1.2.4 Andaman Islands
    1.2.5 Indonesia
    1.2.6 Australia
    1.2.7 New Zealand
    1.2.8 Malaysia
    1.3 Europe
    1.3.1 Greek Ogyges Deucalion Dardanus From The Theogony of Apollodorus
    1.3.2 Germanic
    1.3.3 Irish
    1.3.4 Finnish
    1.4 North America
    1.4.1 Menominee
    1.4.2 Mi'kmaq
    1.4.3 Caddo
    1.4.4 Hopi
    1.5 Mesoamerica
    1.6 South America
    1.6.1 Inca
    1.6.2 Mapuche
    1.6.3 Muisca
    1.7 Polynesian

    drienne Mayor's The First Fossil Hunters and Fossil Legends of the First Americans have promoted the hypothesis that flood stories have been inspired by ancient observations of seashells and fish inland and on mountains to gain ground. Though the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese all commented in ancient writings about seashells and fish that they found inland and in the mountains, it was Leonardo da Vinci who postulated that an immediate deluge could not have caused the neatly ordered strata he found in the Italian Apennines. The Greeks hypothesized that Earth had been covered by water several times, and noted the seashells and fish fossils found on mountain tops as the evidence for this belief. Native Americans also expressed this belief to early Europeans, though they had not written these ideas down previously.[citation needed]
    Some geologists believe that quite dramatic, unusually great flooding of rivers in the distant past might have influenced the legends. One of the latest, and quite controversial, hypotheses of this type is the Ryan-Pitman Theory, which argues for a catastrophic deluge about 5600 BCE from the Mediterranean Sea into the Black Sea. This has been the subject of considerable discussion, and a news article from National Geographic News in February 2009 reported that the flooding might have been "quite mild".[26]
    There also has been speculation that a large tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea caused by the Thera eruption, dated about 1630–1600 BCE geologically, was the historical basis for folklore that evolved into the Deucalion myth. However, the tsunami hit the South Aegean Sea and Crete; it did not affect cities in the mainland of Greece, such as Mycenae, Athens, and Thebes, which continued to prosper; it had a local rather than a regionwide effect.[27]
    Another theory is that a meteor or comet crashed into the Indian Ocean around 3000–2800 BCE, created the 30 kilometres (19 mi) undersea Burckle Crater, and generated a giant tsunami that flooded coastal lands.[28]
    It has been postulated that the deluge myth may be based on a sudden rise in sea levels caused by the rapid draining of prehistoric Lake Agassiz at the end of the last Ice Age, about 8,400 years ago.[29]

    Here's my point if you don't want to believe in God, don't. I want you to but thats your choice but honestly be smart about it. You may think the Bible is crap, but to imply it is completely has no reason is insanity at least in this case. you may disagree with the Noah account but there are too many other stories saying similar things to suggest that the story of Noah does not deserve merit. If you deny this, it is not logical, systematic intellect that is guiding you its your emotions or the fear that at least in this article you are wrong

  15. It took you all of that to state that there was a flood that might have been local instead of regional. All this states is that at one time or another there was a flood or floods in various regions throughout the Earths history. It does not support the Noah's Ark myth one iota. Could it be that the myths were created later to try and explain the phenomenon? The biblical narrative states it was a world wide flood not a regional one.

  16. this is pure myth, but why only reference it as Christian Beliefs when this is the old testament and Judaic theology - maybe people do not want to offend a certain group of people - lets insult all religulous'.... as the bible is a bigots mythology to crown themselves better than others and feed their delusions of we are right syndrome!