Sunday, December 13, 2009


I recently borrowed a book from the NY public library on Mythology. I just started the book but I have many books written by atheists scholars regarding the similarities between many ancient mythological stories and that of Jesus Christ. I am of the opinion that Jesus never existed as an actual person but I believe that Christianity and most of its stories are nothing more than plagiarized myths revamped.

Mythology is pretty interesting because as it states in the book it shows us what man believed and how he thought about the gods. The book credits Greek mythology for making the gods in the image of man. Before the Greek myths the gods were hideous monsters that on many occasions were portrayed as half animal and half human. But as man progressed he began to equate himself with the gods. Even today man has what is called the god complex.

Man feels that he is the crowning glory of all of gods creations. This is best illustrated through Christianity. According to them man was created in the image of god, the world was created to sustain human life, and the universe was made to accommodate the Earth. Anything and everything that exist are here for the benefit of mankind. Christians are too proud to acknowledge what science has established as fact: that evolution by natural selection is true. That mankind was not created by some being who exists outside of time but rather that he evolved from the simplest form of life and is in fact a part of the animal kingdom.

What man fails to realize is that although they pride themselves in being so advanced they are also the deadliest beasts that ever walked the planet. Only man has the power to destroy the world and environment we live in with his many inventions. His so called modern mind ignores the frailty of human life and in fact aids in its early destruction.

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  1. Chatpilot,

    You said "...Only man has the power to destroy the world and environment we live in with his many inventions..."

    Two words: Oil Disaster