Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feedspot a new feed reader

As of yesterday I signed up to Feedspot which is a new feed reader. I found right away that it was simple to set up and even simpler to use. One of the things I enjoy about it is that it has so many options for its users to be able to customize their feed reader to their own liking. Also, they make it easy for you to provide feedback with their staff and make suggestions on how they might be able to improve their site.

If you are someone who has a huge lists of blogs you follow and find it inconvenient to have to jump to those blogs to read their latest posts, then you are going to love this program. Once you sign up and begin setting up your homepage you will immediately notice that it is easy to add blog feeds to your page and to customze which one you would like to feature on your default page. They even have a feature which allows you to import your entire blog list to your home page in one fell swoop.

Another thing I love about this new site is that you can read your feed directly on your homepage. You can set them up to be posted as an expanded view which means that the posts themselves will be made available in their entirety on your homepage without the necessity of your having to go to the blog page to read them. If you opt for the list view then the pages will be listed by their titles and with a simple click of the mouse you will be able to expand that post and read it instantly.

Other features within this site allow you to share your favorite posts to other sites such as facebook, twitter, pocket, etal. You can also favorite your preferred blogs and the site makes it easier for bloggers to share their favorite sites with one another making it easier for you to expand your following. Whether you are a blogger like myself or just someone who enjoyes reading blogs I highly recommend you giving Feedspot a try. You can check out their site at Feedspot and I would be very interested to hear your views or opinions on the site and your experiences with this site.


  1. I'm not crazy about anything that makes it less likely for readers to visit the blog, but I guess that is the price one pays for making full feeds available (as opposed to partial feeds that require one to go to the blog to read the rest).

    1. In the end it's all about convenience. I follow a lot of blogs and it's kind of a pain in the ass to keep up with every one of them. This site allows me to do that without wasting too much time running around looking for blog posts of interest. It also has a search feature that allows you to find blogs that are more catered towards the subjects of your preference.