Saturday, June 9, 2012

Does this look sane?

I know what it looks like, but contrary to what you may believe this is not a hold up in progress! It's actually a bunch of religious nuts worshiping God. You can tell by all of the smiles and apparent joy reflected on their faces. People don't normally smile when they are being held up; or so I used to think. But upon a closer analyses of this picture these people are being held up; and the funny thing about it is that they don't even realize it!

They are being robbed right under their noses and at the same time having their intelligence insulted! They are being robbed of the most basic and fundamental human ability: the ability to reason. My trusty Sage dictionary and thesaurus defines reason as: ' The capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination.' Most of the time when we think about discrimination our minds tend to wander to the negative aspects of discrimination such as racism, sexism, etc. but there is also such a thing as positive discrimination. The ability to discern bad from good or a truth from a lie are two of the most common positive aspects of discrimination. Not all lies are so obvious, but with a little background research we can expose them as such and steer clear from them.

Worst of all, they have given up their ability to make their own decisions and to think for themselves. They have decided to "let go and let God" as one of their more popular slogans tends to advocate. Like all fundamentalists they shun the burden of having to make the tough decisions in life and have put their lives in the hands of a mythological creature that was invented by man himself! They have given up living in order to please the imaginary guy in the sky.

When I see people today doing these things I feel a sense of pity for them because I used to be one of them myself. I used to praise the "Lord" for doing absolutely nothing for my life that I could not have done myself. I used to shout to the heavens yelling hallelujah at the top of my lungs. I used to senselessly wave my arms around in the air so that God would notice me lol. In those days I didn't think for a second that I was being robbed, duped, conned into believing a lie. I cried tears of joy although I realize now that all that was was a psycho-emotional reaction to my extreme beliefs.

Fundamentalist go to church with one objective and one objective only: to "feel" a touch of God. They are creatures of sensation only and are constantly looking for sensory stimulation from what they believe to be the divine. They feel that if they feel a touch of God then they are on the right track and must be right with God. Not many of them actually read the bible and are usually told by their pastors and church leaders as I was not to read books that contradicted their beliefs.

According to the leaders of these churches; anything that contradicted your beliefs or criticized the bible was nothing but a ploy of Satan to sow the seeds of doubt in your mind. If demons were real and I had to give them names I would call them ignorance, gullibility, etc. all the negative terms we could think of to define a person who is easy to deceive.

When a person talks to himself or hears voices in his head he is called insane or mentally unstable, but a person doing the very same thing in the context of religion  is in touch with God! Talk about a double standard! Raising your hands in the air shouting at the top of your lungs, and talking to yourself and calling it prayer makes it okay. There is nothing sane about what the bible teaches, there is nothing holy or divine about its concepts of God, and there is nothing sane about believing that a man who allegedly died two thousand years ago will be someday coming back! From a logical point of view believing in Christianity is simply being one step shy of insanity.


  1. I disagree. Religion is not one step shy of insanity. It is already a full on pathological mental illness. Great job with your blog showing what foolishness religion really is. Sadly, the majority of the religionists will never see reason. They are too brainwashed and frightened to think for themselves. Hopefully your blogs will help to wake some of them up.

    1. I was personally mentally ill lol myself but I have been cured and am now on the other side of the fence. I am glad to be free from the delusion that is religion and blog to help others deal with the withdrawal they will feel when they leave the flock.