Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Incest as a means of populating the earth?

One of the things I find most disturbing about the literal interpretation of the creation stories (there are two) as told in Genesis is that mankind supposedly are all descendants of the first couple Adam and Eve. 28 'God blessed them, saying to them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that move on earth.' Genesis 1:28 (NJB).

In the chapters that follow it goes on relating how they had children and this one begat that one etc. But if we are to believe that this actually happened we would have to believe that at least one or both of those first sons was having sexual relations with mom, since she was the only woman on the planet. This would imply that incest was the means for mankind to multiply his numbers upon the earth. Not only would this be a crazy means of multiplication but it would also be impractical. It states in the earlier verses of chapter one that he created all of the animals and their species at once. Why did he not do the same for man?

It would have been more prudent and practical to create man and all of the races and spread them out all over the world in small populations or groups. Instead if we were to take the narrative of Genesis as literal we are lead to believe that Adam and Eve somehow populated the early earth. But this raises another problem because when Cain was cursed by God to wander the earth he was able to find a wife in another land who obviously was not his sister, indicating that the creation story was not true as it was presented in the scriptures.

1 God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, 'Breed, multiply and fill the earth. 7 Be fruitful then and multiply, teem over the earth and subdue it!' Genesis 6:1,7 (NJB). As you can see when God destroyed all of mankind he spared Noah and his three sons and their wives which would bring the total of people on the ark to eight. God then left it up to these eight people to replenish the earth. It boggles my mind that anyone would take this garbage as truth seeing how many holes are in this story.

Once again if these eight people did replenish the earth it had to be through the use of incest and inbreeding. I found an interesting article of some of the problems associated with inbreeding which also in my view helps to throw a monkey wrench in the whole creation story as told in Genesis. For those of you that are interested you can find it here. Inbreeding is known to sometimes cause birth defects and a higher mortality rate.

In closing this little article all I can say with a certainty is that the so called "creation" of man did not happen anything like the bible describes nor did the various races come from the incident at the tower of Babel. These stories sound highly unlikely simply because they are not historical facts nor are they written as such. They are derive from folklore and myth and their many fantastical elements puts them solidly in this category. Now if you are a non-literal believer then you have to deal with the issue of finding an alternative story to explain our existence. In my opinion the theory of evolution by way of natural selection does this just fine. There might be some missing pieces to the puzzle but the scientific theory is certainly more credible and has plenty of supporting evidence to corroborate its findings.


  1. its a total mind boggler that real people with functional senses wud choose to ignore the total nonsense that is the story of creation i mean for crying out loud the tower of babel to explain the different races???? give us a break already! I actually find myself trying to find some rational explanation on behalf of the theists to justify their belief in these myths and i fail miserably. the best i can come up with is that this is something so hardwired in the core of their being, yanking it out will kill them! It is heartbreaking the way they try to explain away the incest dilemma and also where the little lady came from that Cain met. i have read apologists talk of the possibility of other humans that we were not privy to and pressed harder, they say that God's ways cannot be questioned and we are too feeble minded to handle the depth of his ways. I am from Zambia in Africa and if u know your African affairs, we won a major cup recently....three guesses who got all the props? The imaginary dude in the sky. Boy did they pray on that pitch, sang songs of praise, looking to the sky and am like 'Dudes, there aint no one up there!!" Even funnier was my boss who i was watching the game with, total TB Joshua follower, he launched into a tirade of tongues to ensure our team won! You guys are lucky out in the big developed world where more and more people understand that there is no such thing as a higher deity in the sky. my bloody country was declared a christian nation by our late former president and the little bastard went ahead and drained our coffers dry! This is 2012 and if the world does not end as scheduled by the Mayan calender, i do certainly hope people, specially here in Africa were atheism is equated to satanism, will come to their senses and live life to the full!

  2. Adam & Eve did not have any genetic defects and that enabled them and the first few generations of their descendants to have a far greater quality of health than we do now. Their children had few if any, genetic defects. As a result, it was safe for them to intermarry until God declared in Abraham's time that they should marry people not so close to them. Besides, the Bible says that Adam & Eve were the FIRST people God created, it doesn't say they were the last.

  3. "Adam & Eve did not have any genetic defects" Lol I have heard this lame attempt at trying to explain this away not surprised that it would come up again. Either way it does not explain anything other than the fact that this tale is nothing more than a bullshit myth.

  4. "You guys are lucky out in the big developed world where more and more people understand that there is no such thing as a higher deity in the sky." Thanks for your comments regarding this matter. I agree with you but theism is a big problem here in the U.S. as long as gullibility is a virtue religious beliefs will continue to flourish and myths will continue to be stated as facts.

  5. That's why the churches stress the importance of "getting that child to church"feed their bullshit to their undeveloped minds.reminds me of the old saying"christ rode in on an ass!"Now asses are riding on christ".I've even heard that the"devil"had sex with some woman or something,crazy ass stuff!