Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad news for all Christian cherry pickers!

20 I repeat, you will be able to tell them by their fruits. 21 'It is not anyone who says to me, "Lord, Lord," who will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but the person who does the will of my Father in heaven.                        Matthew 7:20,21 (NJB)

Although the bible teaches that man is saved by faith and not works so that he may not boast, works are also a requirement. There are many people walking around today claiming to be a christian of one sort or another, but most of them don't know what it really means to bear that title. To be a christian is to be a follower of Christ. The Lord in the scriptures is the supreme example of how to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Christians love to cherry pick their way through the scriptures choosing all the verses that agree with their own wants and desires, but those verses that condemn them in some way are simply ignored.

Believers like to minimize their sinful ways by making such statements as "God knows that I am not perfect and that I'm trying my best." Meanwhile they are living in sin with a man or a woman that they are not married to. They lie, cheat, and manipulate their way through life while at the same time claiming to be christian and true believers of Christ. In fact, anyone who claims that they are following the bible to the letter is a liar. The reason for this statement is that it is quite impossible to live life according to the demands of the scriptures.

One observation that I have made is that the bible suppresses the natural urges of mankind. Basically, anything that is enjoyable and good the bible calls sin. It's actually a sin to look at a woman or man and desire to have them in a sexual way! It's a sin to have sex with someone without first marrying them and committing to being their lifelong partner. It's a sin to hate someone who has wronged you or to hold a grudge. It's a sin to have an open relationship or a threesome with some friends, in fact it's a sin to have a fuck buddy lol.

If you're gay, I hate to inform you that you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven because having sex with someone of the same gender is 'an abomination to the Lord.' Yet today we have some cherry picking churches who are now not only accepting gays in their congregation but marrying them as well! Some churches even have openly gay ministers. I personally am not homophobic and have several gays in my family so I have no problems with gays. All of these prejudices are derived from the so called divinely inspired piece of mythical shit called the bible.

Basically what I am saying my cherry picking friends is that if you are going to go around running your mouth about how you are saved and calling yourself a christian, maybe its time you begin to show us instead. You can start by not judging others that have different beliefs and views as yourselves so that you may not be judged.

 18 But someone may say: So you have faith and I have good deeds? Show me this faith of yours without deeds, then! It is by my deeds that I will show you my faith.24 You see now that it is by deeds, and not only by believing, that someone is justified.    James 2:18,24 (NJB).

Finally.......  31 Treat others as you would like people to treat you. 37 Do not judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.
Luke 6:31,37 (NJB). 

In closing if you are going to claim Christianity as your religion, at least be true to yourself and to the Word. Don't be a hypocrite like the majority of believers out there and don't just talk the talk my friend, walk the walk! God wants your full commitment and nothing less will suffice, if you want salvation you still have to work for it.

While you work on your new found commitment to your fictional god I will continue enjoying life and all that it has to offer. I will live freely and responsibly doing what everyone else is doing whether they like it or not. Working to support my family, enjoying my time with them and my friends, eating, drinking, and making merry for tomorrow we die. There is only one life! I intend to live it to the fullest. 


  1. They're all cherry pickers, because there are so many inconsistencies in the Bible you can't believe or follow every little thing.

    I'm surrounded by pious followers. Nice people, but nevertheless delusional. And the current movement that focuses more on Jesus as a type of love-bombing valium is a real force here.

    What I find amusing is how they write off Leviticus as "old law" but then quote it when it supports their prejudices. Shellfish? g'head Christ doesn't care what you eat. Gay Buttsecks? ABOMINATION!

  2. @LadyAtheist, I agree. Theists are all hypocrites! If I write a post about all of the rationalizations I've heard from them personally I would have to turn it into an entire tome. They can call it what they want I choose to call it hypocritical bullshit!

  3. Unfortunately the bile has wrongly been concidered the official book of all ultimate good, that's why so many christians want people to think that they are associated with the bile. They are not christians by their own choosing, they were coerced through undue influence and peer pressure, that's why they want to convert as many people to christianity as they can, that way they feel if they can convince people of their same ilk to believe the same thing as they believe, then they must surely have chosen the right belief, now they're so self-righteous, knowing they are so right and pious.

  4. Totally agree with the above. I feel a massive pressure put on me to ditch my athiest views when with christians. Its almost as if they need to change everybody to christian to make it more acceptable for them to be christian.
    Can I just also thank you for your kind words mr chat pilot as you gave me some advice for accepting my boyfriends views. Tolerance. That's been keeping me going for a good few weeks now and seems to be working. Mind you, he hasn't mentioned going to church or the bible lately (that works for me too) :-)

  5. @Anonymous, you are very welcome and I am glad that my little bit of advice has been helping you in dealing with your current situation. You said in your comment "I feel a massive pressure put on me to ditch my athiest views when with christians." No matter what happens don't you ever give up your beliefs, or in this case non-beliefs for anyone. Stand your ground no matter what others may think. I as an atheist prefer to be open and honest about my views than to subscribe to living a lie and becoming what I myself most despise...a hypocrite!

  6. Absolutely! Don't you worry there is no way I'm going over to the dark side! Real world for me thank you very much!

  7. It's a win win for Christians. Not that I claim to know any truth. i am not a atheist or theist or anything. All I do know is that when prayers are not answer "God" is given many alibi's (bailout) it seems. When things happen good "God" gets the credit. When bad happens and prayers are not answered (which is often the case) "God" gets bailed out it seems. Particularly, when it comes to healing. A whole book could be written there wise of all the disappointments etc. I may not pronounce this rite but the way I look at life right now is Gay sora sora - what will be will be or it is what it is. These principles are my current view of life.