Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Questions for believers (Christians)

Not too long ago a poster apparently from the Netherlands who was reading my blog asked me if I could post a link he had provided with a list of questions he thought that every Christian should attempt to answer. I personally went to his site and began to read the list of questions and found that they were indeed logical and reasonable questions to ask. So as per my readers request I am providing the link to his site and urge all of my readers to review this list and feel free to comment here and on his site what you think about these questions. Also, I would appreciate it if theists actually try to provide rational responses to some of these questions. I am very familiar with the bible and would love to hear what you theists have to say about this. So without further ado here is the link for the English version: and here is the link for the same site in Dutch: Enjoy!!

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  1. That's a long list of questions!

    I had a similar idea some time ago and I didn't come up with nearly as many: I may borrow some of these and update my list. Thanks for the link.