Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God loves to play games!

As an atheist I have always wondered why the bible is full of stories of God testing the faith of his followers. Christians read these same stories and all they see is the rewards that God's faithful obtain after proving themselves worthy but they never ask themselves why the good Lord would have to test anyone in the first place. The answer is that he likes to play games with peoples lives like the little kid burning ants with a magnifying glass!

The bible say's that God knows our innermost thoughts and intentions, so if this is the case then why is he constantly testing peoples faith in him? In fact the bible takes it a step further by stating that "16 Your eyes could see my embryo. In your book all my days were inscribed, every one that was fixed is there."(Psalms 139:16 NJB). Before you are born and formed in the womb he supposedly knows you and according to this scripture your days on earth are fixed. With this text alone you can forget about free will and living day by day because God has your days planned out in his daily planner lol.

Abraham almost sacrificed his son to God and Job withstood the most arduous tests of any of the biblical characters. Job lost his livestock, all his children in one day, was afflicted with boils all over his body, and had to put up with his wife trying to make him curse God and die, let us not forget his friends who kept blaming him for his calamities! And why did Job go through all of this? So that God could show the devil that even if Job was not blessed and had it all that he would be faithful to the end! It was a wager between God and Satan!

These are not the acts of a personal loving and caring father figure! They are the acts of an insecure little petulant child or unreasonably jealous lover who thinks that everyone wants to steal their mate. If ever there was someone or in this case something or being that abused and abuses his power it has to be the biblical God. He demands complete submission and absolute obedience from those he created to live only to worship and stroke his ego not just in this life but for all eternity.

For those of us who question this deity, who require evidence for his existence and dare to oppose him we are threatened with an eternal place of torment known to the sadistic Christians as hell. This alone makes this god a monster and a sadist. In closing it is my opinion that he does not deserve worship but instead the very mention of him should be greeted with disdain.


  1. Imagine the psychological scars the son of Abraham endured knowing that his father would actually kill him. What do you think their relationship was like after such a debacle? How can a loving, mentally balanced parent even consider such an idea? The fact that this is the one and only life we humans get is of no consequence to this deity, he does not value life...to him we are no more than a bug to be squashed. His death on the cross was not a real sacrifice because he truly didn't lose his life if you believe he was resurrected.

  2. Thanks for your comment Anon and I totally agree with you. Actually I don't see how God could sacrifice himself for mankind for a problem that he himself created. If he is truly omnipotent he would have forgiven Adam and Eve in the garden and it would have been done and over with. In fact if he really wanted to punish someone he could have simply punished them and not curse the whole of creation for the acts of two individuals.