Monday, November 7, 2011

Giving Up Your Beliefs In Fairy Tales

It is incredible and hard to believe that with all the advances in human technology and the sciences that we still cling to beliefs in myths. The whole idea of some being that is undetectable who lives outside of our known time and space is ridiculous. When someone talks out loud to themselves he is thought to have lost his mind, but when someone prays to an imaginary friend he is perfectly sane. That's what you call a double standard and it's not accurate nor fair to live by it.

Recently in the news I saw a story on how our nations government was debating whether to keep 'In God We Trust' as our nations motto or whether we should discard it altogether. Not surprisingly the votes for this motto were overwhelmingly greater than those against it. Congress voted 396 for the motto and only 9 representatives voted against it while two others abstained from voting. Part of the bill encouraged that the motto be displayed in all public schools and government buildings! There goes the separation of church and state!

Before you know it we might have to be forced to become Christians in order to obtain government jobs. The U.S. makes me sick to my stomach sometimes with their hypocritical acts. A portion of our taxes go towards supporting certain religious institutions although we individually might be opposed to that. We can't even pull out a coin or any other currency without seeing the stupid affirmation of false beliefs that this nation clings to.

If you really want separation of church and state then you need to start by removing that stupid motto from our currency and public places. That is one of the many reasons that you have all of these Christian fanatics saying that the U.S. is founded by Christian principles when in fact it was not. We as a nation have done pretty good without God. The only thing we have in common with God and religion is that we too have committed heinous acts of murder to obtain this land and our so called freedoms.

The bible and its god has proven himself to be absolutely useless and unnecessary to our nation and our individual selves. Many people use religion to mask who they are and cover up their idiotic acts. How many have sat in a court room and blamed the devil for their crimes?

Come on people, the dark ages are over! It's time we get our heads out of our asses and recognize religion and religious beliefs for what they are. God does not exist, in fact he was an invention of man. There is only one verse of scripture that I like although Paul was talking about something completely different, I think this saying applies here and is completely relevant to unproven beliefs in fairy tales. 'When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.' 1 Corinthians 13:11 (KJV)I know that the King James Version of scripture is not the best but I love the way it's worded.

Christianity has been called by many Santa Clause for adults for a reason. There is for example no evidence outside of the biblical narrative that Jesus Christ even existed. And what evidence some think there is has been proven to be false or left up to individual interpretation. Does anyone know what Jesus real name was? Christ is not a proper name, it's a title that means the anointed one or the chosen sort of like Neo from 'The Matrix.'

It's time people take their bibles and put them to good use for such things as holding the door open or paper for your pets to defecate on. I am good without God and it was actually liberating for me to break free from those ancient superstitions. We've learned so much from science and discovery to continually turn back to myths. We need to eliminate God, the bible, and those silly beliefs altogether in order to progress and move forward as a nation. As long as we keep being slaves to superstition we will be stagnant and non progressive.


  1. This was actually one of the best posts I've read in a long time! You nailed it exactly! Keep up the awesome work.

    What gets me mad is how many people profess to be Christians and follow that moron Jesus and they've NEVER even read the damn bible! The bible is the book that makes up their religion and they don't read it. If they only took the time to read the book that their religion is based upon they would see the horror, the atrocities, the depravity that this book has to offer. A loving god my ass! It's outright sick.

    Jesus can suck ass!

  2. Thanks for your comments Jim. I am glad you enjoyed this post it was actually one of my rants. I find it frustrating that our nation clings to these nonsensical beliefs just to please the ignorant masses.

    The only Christians that really study the bible end up becoming apologists once they realize that none of it makes any reasonable sense. They then have to make excuses and shuffle their beliefs in their mind to make it make sense!