Sunday, July 18, 2010

I take no sides

To all those that have subscribed to my blog and support my opinions and views I would like to thank you all, you are the reason I am motivated to express my ideas with my fellow atheists and even believers. From time to time I post on other peoples blogs and when I see them under attack  and I feel I can lend a hand with rational arguments I feel inclined to participate in the discussion at hand.

On the other hand if I feel that you are wrong about a subject of discussion; it does not matter whether you are an atheist or a believer, I will do my best to help you see the error by posting what I know to be factual. This is not just about atheists versus theists, at least I do not see it that way. This is more about what is known to be right and what is known to be wrong, it is about statements of known facts when possible and when not about speculation as to what is right and what is wrong. It is not my intention to anger my fellow atheists or make them look silly I just look at it as another opportunity for me to share with them what knowledge I may have on the subject.

If everyone agreed with what you said whether you were right or wrong then the truth of the matter is that you would never learn anything. I do not care about sides and I don't mind when someone disagrees with my findings, but if you disagree all I ask is that you provide proof of the points of discussion upon which you disagree on. And I am humble enough to accept when I am wrong given that the evidence provided is adequate enough to persuade me of that fact.

My blog as I stated is not for me but rather it is an outlet in which I can express my view regarding religious beliefs, particularly about Christianity. Through this blog I share and learn from my fellow atheists and I also am able to learn more from those theists that follow my blog or drop by from time to time to refute my ideas. We are all mature adults and should conduct ourselves as such, we can disagree without insults and demeaning remarks about each other. This is not personal it is rather a search for truth.


  1. I was raised in a strict religious family, the preacher at our church was looked upon as an person who was above everyone especially the members of our family, he never smiled, he had a commanding voice, to me, he wasn't a happy, nor pleasant man to be around, you would think the opposite about a person who was thought to have a glorious guaranteed bona fide place beside jebus in heaven, but my family put him first and did great favors for him, let him borrow money on the easy payment plan, sometimes the loan was overlooked and they often gave him gifts of food and unappreciated praise. Now the premise of this story is, he never converted me to his church family, I had very little respect for this guy, in fact his character to me never reflected him as a good christian, I didn't see jebus in him, kindness, understanding, nonjudgemental, etc. so with that said, when he was around me and my family, he aways made it a point to make an insulting derogatory remark about me or my wife in front of my family, because he could not convert me nor my wife to christianity.

    My dad one day thought he was having a heart attack, so they rushed him to the hospital, I knew it was nothing serious by the way he described his chest pains and I told him it was heart burn, but no matter what my opinion, they run tests and cardiograms and sonograms, blood work, the whole gambit, tread mill, etc.

    Now my mom said while my dad was getting tested the preacher will be here soon and I said how did he know my dad was in the hospital??, She said she called him before they took him to the hospital, I'm thinking to myself, what in the ever hell for???

    So they brought my dad back from the tests and the preacher walks in and he says, lets all join hands in prayer and I as usual, pretend to join them in prayer and soon after the prayer, the preacher has to make a derogatory remark about me, since my dad was there sick I bit my tongue, I gave him a you bastard look, and so in just a little while later, here come the results of the tests, it turns out to be NOTHING, but a bad case of heart-burn, now I know that the preacher and my family thinks it was the power of prayer and the turning of god's might to let my dad live a little while longer and I'm sure the preacher walked out of that room claiming victory for himself and jebus.

    I'm sorry it's taking so long, but I want you to know what's in my mind and why I vehemently despise religions and christianity.

    I decided I would confront that preacher one day and give him a peace of my mind, so a few years came to pass and my dad got terminal cancer, my dad the one who prayed to jebus before every meal, my dad, who bragged that he never tasted of alcohol, my dad who never looked upon another woman in lust, my dad who always give more than 10% to the church, never missed a Sunday at church that I am aware of.

    He took chemotherapy, many sessions but to no avail, his health kept declining, so he shot himself in the head, brave man, not sure I could do it that way, so I decided that if the preacher was going to preach at the funeral, I was going to pull him aside and preach to him the true gospel, and I was going to tell him if he made a derogatory remark about me in front of all those people or my family, I was going to kill him, although I wouldn't, but he didn't know that..ha ha ha.

    You know what? He never even came to the funeral home and he hasn't been around since and I asked my mom where was he and she said he retired from preaching, this was a surprise to me, I never knew any preacher ever retired from the ministry, what about all those lost souls being taunted by Satan every day all across the world there's no end in sight, Satan never sleeps, never retires??

  2. So Anyway the bastard moved back to where they found the S.O.B., 200 miles away and I haven't seen him since, so I have such a disdain for christianity and preachers that I care not what I post on my blog whether it's right or wrong and I'm not going to let any christian think he's got the upper hand, my motive to destroy christianity, religious beliefs, myths, superstitious thinking, traditions, anything that people have been made to think is true, my aim is to put an end to people putting other people upon a pedestal that do not deserve to be there and to knock down all religious authorities.

    So I'm fed up with it, they have got away with way too much, for way too long. I hope you'll understand if not, I'm sorry, I think I've lost a great friend, but I cannot let a self-rightous fundy preacher think he has got the upper hand on an unbeliever. That's the problem with America today, the preachers give god the praise for closing the oil well in La, it's just ridiculous.

    The ancient thinking and brainwashing has to end somehow, I'm trying to find a way to end it but I've noticed many of the Atheists blogs, they never get any response nor support from other Atheists and I think it's just a crying shame and a bad reflection on us as unbelievers.

    I know you say, right is right and wrong is wrong, but wrong has got by way too long, so now to me, it's at any cost on my blog. I just don't care any more. rry it cut me off, try some more.

  3. Sorry it cut me off went to the There's a limit of characters I wasn't aware of...duh

  4. Steven, I am sorry to hear about your dad and your experience with that so called minister of the Lord. I fully understand your anger and at times it is apparent in your blog. But one day you are going to have to find a way to let that anger go, because those things have a way of eating at you. As far as our friendship goes don't worry I don't take anything personal we all have our reasons for being the way we are.

    I just feel that I have transitioned from the position of anger and emotions to complete logic. The way to expose religion is to expose it for what it is a myth and a lie through the use of critical thinking and logic.

  5. Well thanks Chat for those comforting words, I knew you would understand, I have a great admiration for you, you're the most sensible and intelligent person I know, I have great respect for you. The world does not realize how lucky it is to have someone as intelligent as you, I wish there were more like you, but I'm afraid you are of a rare breed.