Thursday, July 22, 2010

God created in the image of man

Genesis 1:26,27
26.And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
27.So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

According to the Christian bible man is God's crowning achievement in all of creation, he is given power over everything on the face of the Earth and best of all unlike all other creatures created he is created in the "image of God" himself! For once I can partially agree with that assessment basing myself on a comparison of God and man as seen from the eyes of a casual observer. The Old Testament God is the most evil, cruelest and vicious animal to ever exist, but it is not his fault since in my opinion God did not create man but rather man created god in his own image. As a species we share so many common traits with this fictional depiction of man that believers like to call God, like most men this deity loves attention. Nothing gets him off more than to see humanity (that is if he existed) constantly humbling themselves to him and blowing smoke up his ass about what a great God he is.

Every negative aspect of mankind's characteristic traits are possessed in even greater degree in the deity they have created and foolishly worship till this day! They really go out of their way to prove to everyone in the world that God is love, but also a consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:24), usually they leave that last part out. It's a message of love based on fear. You are to worship this deity and keep him in your heart at all times, you are to live only for him and proclaim to the world what a great god he is. Of course you can't, and if you know what is best for you shouldn't criticize his actions. By his actions God is basically saying do as I say but not as I do! If he were a human father I would be completely ashamed of him.

The bible teaches that it is okay to kill, steal, plunder, lie, cheat, humiliate women, enslave your fellow man as long as God gives you the order to do so. If you don't believe me why don't you take some time to read the bible in its entirety, it is chock full of all the evil that man has done to man in the name of this non-existent deity. Mankind has been abusing each other since their first appearance was made on this planet around 200,000 years ago. All religion that exalts mankind as the apple of some deities eyes are built upon false hopes and aspirations of power.

Of all the species that inhabit this planet with us mankind is the worst, most evil, most destructive, and megalomaniacal to ever walk the face of the Earth. We have in the name of religion and politics, or to stroke our own egos killed millions maybe billions of our own species. We have destroyed entire ecosystems forcing other species dependent on them to go extinct. We have created weapons of war and mass destruction that thanks to the nuclear age have given us the capacity to destroy this planet in its entirety many times over. God is a reflection, or as I stated earlier created in the image of man, the bible is full of threats directed at those that don't buy into the bullshit that we are fed on a daily basis by the religious.

Religion and religious beliefs are the bane of mans existence and if it were possible should be eradicated and ripped out from its roots, but unfortunately I am of the opinion that that will never happen. Not because God would not allow it, but because as long as there are people that insist on being gullible, that can't think for themselves, and are driven by superstitions, religion will always be a force to reckon with and hold a major position on this planet. It sickens me to hear Christians justify the most cruel acts perpetrated by their deity in the most stupid and inane ways. They claim that he is God he created us and he could do with us what he wants, that is like me telling my child: "I brought you into this world and I can take you out!" Christians misuse logic to try and vindicate the most evil deeds that the bible claims their deity has committed.

The bible is just the beginning, his followers have done just as bad as he had done during the establishment of the church. The Catholic church established itself on this planet in the name of God with rivers of blood, they plundered and pillaged all those that opposed their beliefs. They did exactly what they learned from their wonderful loving deity. They separated man into two categories; believers and all the rest, and if you were not a believer you were subject to termination. The biblical god is a pussy cat compared to his followers. Christians tortured and maimed their fellow man, destroyed whole cultures and other competing religions to establish themselves as the one and only true religion. In God we see the worst of mankind in action and he is simply a mirror image of ourselves.


  1. BURN THEM! BURN THEM !!! In the name of a BIG McGOD - could Americas GOD be Obese from all the junk we feed Him !!!

  2. I hope you're putting all this into a book, if you do, I'll be buying many to pass out to the ignorant masses.

  3. I agree with your agenda completely, but first thing i thought was if i was gonna back up "God", i would have said we ate the fruit on that tree or talked to that snake and fucked it up for ourselves or whoever that snake was fucked it up but yeh thats what the bible says

  4. The Bible Was Made For People That Need It. God Is Here.. You Dont Have To Believe In The Universe But Dont YOu Dare Try To Take Peoples Dreams And Happiness Away Bc You Cant Find It Stuck In That Wack Ilusion In Your Pea Brain. If We Didnt Have The Bible..We Wouldnt Exsist, We Would Of Already Killed EAch Other Off. If You Care About Other People.. You Would NoT Try To Confuse Them.. I Know You`re Confused Honey But Please Dont Bring These Beautiful Soul Down Like You Are!

  5. The Person Who Posted This Is Not Very Intelliegent.. Everything You Believe Is An Illusion Of Your Past Expierences.. The Bible Was Writen To GUide Individuals That Need It At The Time. You Cant Take Everything In The Bible Literally. It Is A Very Flexible Book Of Great Knowlege.. Depends How You Interpret It. If It Wasnt For The BiblE, The Human Race Would Of Killed Each Other Off. I Know You Are Confused Honey but Do Not Spread Your Wack Illulsions To The WorLd.. He Who Thinks He Knows.. Are The Biggest Idiots In The world

    1. Wow you are insane! Guess what? Before the Bible came to be man had existed for thousands of years without it. We did not kill each other off and we have done fine without the Bible or the Koran. I'm not confused I have been set free from the shackles of foreign ancient superstitions and myths. I am happy with my life and live it day by day. I have no need for invented deities or gods created by the very fertile and imaginative minds of men.