Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lord Of Lies

Matthew 16:28, Mark 9:1, and Luke 9:27 all represent one of his farewell speeches that he gave to his followers. All three of them made it clear to the disciples that Jesus was supposed to have come back during their lifetime. Let's take a look at Luke 9:27
But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God.

When will Christians wake up and realize that their god man is a mythical figure who actually did not exist in history? He never walked the Earth and since he does not exist he will not be coming back. All of your searching for signs of the end times are completely in  vain. The bible states that there will be wars and rumors of wars, that a house would be divided etc. etc. But all of these things have been happening since the beginning of time.

Christians like to argue that their subjective experiences is proof enough of the existence of their god. Some even claim to have visitations of none other than Jesus himself! When I was a believer I too believed that I would hear the voice of the lord, that I saw visions of Christ, that I could feel his spirit and his power coursing through my body at all times. I guess if you believe in something hard enough it can become very real to you.

I had tingling sensations running through my body at all times, especially when I preached. Others claimed to feel my anointing whenever they were close to me. Once I left the church I had to figure out a way to explain this for my own piece of mind and I eventually did find the solution. I actually stumbled upon it inadvertently. I was meditating clearing my mind and all of a sudden I felt the surge of energy running through my body, just like I felt it as a believer.

Everyone who claims to have visions of Jesus always see him as tradition makes him out to look like, but the reality is that no one knew what this Jesus looked like at all. go to the link and take a look for yourself. Christian art throughout the ages has depicted Christ in so many ways but nothing was every done during his alleged lifetime. No one painted a portrait, or made an image of him whatsoever. 

Christians want to continue to promulgate their myth so bad that they have stooped to lying and making some pretty elaborate forgeries to provide evidence of their lords existence. This is nothing new since the church has been busy manipulating history and historical documents to support their myth.

There is so much more evidence against the existence of Christ than there is supporting it. Myths are hard to kill, especially when it has over a billion believers and promoters of that myth. I personally don't think Christianity will ever go away in my lifetime, but I am happy to see that many have woken up and have come forth openly recognizing that it is nothing more than a myth. The success of my pages and hubs are also a testament to these facts. Atheism is on the rise and for those that are too uncertain to make a decision there's always agnosticism.

The church follows the example of their leaders and their very own scriptures and resort to under handed tactics to promote their lies. Most do it unknowingly while others have a more sinister plan such as the church leaders, especially the catholic church. Those lies are there bread and butter so they must do everything to keep them fresh and relevant.


  1. Chatpilot,
    I have written many editorials in my local newspaper over the years....but the ones that cause the most dramatic and hateful reactions are the ones where I state that Jesus, and the Bible are pure fiction (myth).

    Of all of the arguments that we atheists throw at the church, the obvious fact that Jesus never even existed is the one that will eventually break the back of religion.

    I can't speculate how long it will take, but as sure as the "flat earth" world view was eventually replaced with the truth, so will the myth of a historical Jesus be brought down to it's proper level as being a man made invention by the church.

    Love your stuff !!!!!!!

  2. I like the Mormon jebus. He is one hell of a good looking guy.

    I to do not expect religion to disappear in my lifetime but I think it's choke hold on Americans is starting to slip. Every survey on religion in the last few years has shown the number of xtains slipping. I have yet to see a survey show any religious gains.

    Nice article.

  3. Hi Chat, My mom says the things going on today like the war in Afghanistan and and Iran and in the news is purely the sign of the last days. I asked her why wasn't the tsunamis back in 2006? or 911 or Adolf Hitler mentioned in the bible, of course she said I just don't know, all she knows is jesus is coming back soon.

    It's the same old ploy to keep the christians donating their money, so the preacher can ride around town and look at all the young girls and play golf all through the week.

    To hear my mother say her preacher is a hard worker, keeps him busy praying for those in need.

  4. I was arguing with a fanatic one day and he said that Jesus did come back in their lifetime because he was glowing in his brilliance perhaps in Matthew 17:2 "And was transfigured before them; and his face did shine as the sun and his raiment was as white as the light." Or when he came back in his glorified body, don't remember the exact ch and vs. anyway, he was convinced that what jesus predicted had came to be true.

    He was just making stuff up to to shore up his silly childhood beliefs, like they all do.