Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God the prick

This is a wierd post for me because I am not going to use bible references nor talk about theology or religious philosophy, these are just some random thoughts that have occurred to me in the last days. I was helping my 12 year old daughter with a school project, she was given some sun flower seeds and told to plant them to see if they would grow. She came home that day with a little pot and every day we began watering the pot and putting it in the sunlight to nourish and grow it. Of course after a few days the plant began to break through the soil and slowly it began to grow. I have since moved it into a bigger pot now and it has become another plant for the house.

The funny thing is that this little project got me thinking, where is God in all of this? This plant made me come to the conclusion that life is self sufficient, you don't need a deity to grow and live a full and productive life. All of those attributes come from yourself and from within, God is what you make of him. He is either an imaginary insignificant being as he is to me, or he is the almighty, all powerful, creator of the Earth, life, and everything else. If you have been following my blog you will know that I have had quite the journey through Jesus land, and to this day I regret it all as one big waste of time and energy.

Today I find the concept of God an insult to the intelligence of mankind, it is a primitive idea and does not require much thought. All you need is faith and some instruction regarding the myth itself and you are well on your way to becoming a servant of the Lord. A servant is sometimes defined as a domestic worker but in the case of Chrisitianity he/she is nothing more than a slave to the God they serve and the religion that they preach. Christian terminology mirrors that of our own slave trade here in the U.S. where a slave was referred to as a nigger. Looking up the word nigger and defining it in the dictionary you come up with someone who is ignorant and that is exactly what christians are completely ignorant of reality. They tend to cling to their myths to get by and forget to live.

This God they serve is nothing more than an arrogant, megalomaniac who like to have smoke blown up his ass all the time. He likes to be told how great he is and how wonderful are his works. He is a stuck up prick (if he did exist) who likes to bathe himeself in his own glory. If you read the bible in its entirety the first thing that you will noctice is that he created man to worship him. As a christian that is your one and only purpose in life, letting him know and the world around you know that God is great and mighty.  I personally think that anyone in the real world with a personality like that is in serious need of mental help.

I personally think it is more natural to think of life as a natural occurrence and to stop trying to make it more than it is. Once my big sister asked  me "how can you deny the existence of God, what about the miracle of birth?" I told her it's no miracle it is a natural occurrence as a result of two people fucking lol.


  1. David,

    Remember the images of heaven that they use to tell us about in church? There sits "Big 'G'" on his golden throne, and he is surrounded by angels who do NOTHING ELSE but sing praises to him.....What the FUCK?
    How would you like to have THAT assignment for eternity?
    God is such an asshole.

  2. Blowing smoke up God's ass for eternity is a punishment worse than hell.

  3. You're right again as usual.

    Actually, our Sun star is really our god, because without it, we would all surely disappear very soon, just as that seed was planted in the ground, without the Sun's rays warmth and through photosynthesis the seed would have surely died.

    Every living thing on earth needs the Sun for survival, the Sun is worthy of our worship, but it doesn't need any worship, nor does it want any worship, although it giveth life, it can also take it away.

    Isn't it ironic that the very day that most people pretend to worship the bible god, is in fact called, "Sun-day"?

    Only a man-made god would want worship and need worship, because the people who wrote the bible would have liked to have been worshiped had they themselves been a god.

    Like you said, the bible god is an insult to our intelligence, but to the people who wrote the bible 2000 years ago, considered him to be wise, but their intelligence was so miniscule, I consider the people who wrote the bible had an IQ equal to a five year old child, maybe a four year old in today's world, in fact I've noticed when we debate christians, their arguments are always immature and petty, but yet they think they have gotten the upper hand, and when you call them on a topic, they change the subject, or say we do not know how to interpret the bible..BS Ever hear Franklin Graham talk, he sounds just like a 4 year old imbecile.

    The bible's intent is to dumb-down the reader in order to enslave them to control them, just like you mentioned. :-)

    Here's something I've been thinking about, we that are living today, we are a result of what an enormous amount of time will produce, the earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, we've went through the dinosaurs and linage down to where people have learned to communicate to one another. Naturally people tend to presume that we were put here for some specific purpose.

    But man invented the wheel and look how long it has taken for us to invent the automobile, first we had to learn how to smelt iron and make weapons and in the last 100 years we have progressed in knowledge at a very rapid pace. And no thanks to the bible for interfering with our ability to think clearly.

    The bible should have been tossed out a long time ago, because knowledge is seen as demonic from an evil world, because modern science is a threat to 2000 year old ignorance.

  4. When I read the title, I thought you were going to write about how a supposedly all powerful, all knowing, and loving "god" created a world with so much misery, suffering, and death in it.

    Instead, you took a different and interesting angle about the megalomania of the deity in the Bible. I think the writers were projecting their own traits and their own fantasies onto their mythological deity.