Thursday, July 11, 2013

The making of a myth

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."
Adolf Hitler

 Although I did not agree with his politics or the cruel acts perpetrated by Hitler and his Nazi regime, it is my opinion that of all the men/women who have ever written anything about religion Hitler demonstrated that he had a greater understanding of the use of propaganda and religion. As the title of my blog states I am convinced that God is a myth. It is the biggest and most abhorrent lie to ever be conceived by man. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been at the root of many prejudices against humanity as a whole and the many ideals of those that disagree with the teachings of each religion.

Christianity is the most self-loathing, and deprecating religion on the face of the earth because it basically teaches its adherents that they are nothing without God. That life has no sense or meaning if it is not devoted to serving the Lord. In fact, the Bible states that serving the Lord is our purpose in life. It teaches you to accept that you are a loathsome creature in need of salvation from an imaginary condition called sin. Although you are told that you can choose to not accept God's "free gift" of salvation you are actually coerced to do so by the threats of eternal torment and damnation. 

The lake of fire

Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:15

Revelations 20 is an interesting read because in it you get to read about God's final plan for all those that are "saved" and of course the so called wicked. The Bible equates wickedness with non-belief and so it is not just bad works that make you a wicked person it's your rejection of a belief in the invisible guy in the sky. In Revelations you are led to believe that like Santa God has a bunch of books that have the details of everyone's life. Can you imagine how many books he must have to have for everyone's acts in life to be written down? This alone is reason enough to throw the Bible in the trash can. This is also another contradiction of God's attribute of being omniscient (all knowing) because if this were the case he would not need books he should know everything about you by just looking at you. He also supposedly has the book of life which is where your name would appear if you are saved from damnation. It seems kind of redundant to look at books of your life and works when all he could do is look at the book of life to determine if you are saved or not. 

I find that the more ridiculous the lie the more you have to stretch the limits of your imagination to believe it. The Bible is chock full of ridiculous lies and it takes a hell of a lot of mental gymnastics to sustain and perpetuate those lies. 

Myth: a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon 

The greatest lie ever told is that there is an invisible man in the sky who knows everything you do, think, or feel. He wants you to recognize him for how by his own definition wonderful and great he is for having created you. Failure to give God his due recognition, adoration, and praise will result in your eternal damnation. The biggest question that the Bible answers is why. It is a book about origins and for some people it actually leads them to believe that in it they can find some kind of meaning to life and existence itself. 

Science has yet been unable to come up with the exact process of how life evolved from nonliving matter otherwise known as abiogenesis. It is this gap in scientific knowledge that religion exploits to the fullest. In fact, when it comes to any knowledge that may be lacking or incomplete in the sciences religion allows you to simply insert God as the answer. But if you really think about it you will come to quickly realize that the Bible was wrong about many matters that we have learned and discovered through scientific scrutiny. 

It was the Bible that led man to believe that the earth was the center of the universe and that the planets and the sun revolved around it.

"So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day." Joshua 10:13

I don't care how much you try my dear apologist you just can't state that the above verse was an allegory or was not meant to be taken literally. It speaks quite plainly that the sun and the moon stood still in the heavens for a full day no extra-biblical interpretation is necessary. Seeing this from the perspective of the author we could easily understand how they thought that the sun revolved around the earth. If you watch the sun rise and set as it appears to move across the sky from east to west it is understandable to believe that it is moving around our planet. But today through astronomy we now know that this is just an optical illusion. If the Bible got that wrong how much more has it gotten wrong? This alone demonstrates that the Bible is a book of myths written, edited, and produced by fallible men.

These ancient myths have been concocted to answer the many why questions that were mulling in the minds of ancient man. How did the universe come to be? Where do we come from? Why am I here? What happens when I die? etal. It's ironic that the only way you can know if the Bible is true and God truly exist is after you are dead. But as you know death is actually the end of all life within you. Your brain cells die and you cease to exist as a living organism. There is no evidence whatsoever of a soul or some life force that exists after you die. So once again you just have to take the Bibles word for it on these matters.

Myths are traditional stories usually transmitted orally from generation to generation that help people understand their origins. It's not science nor are those stories able to be confirmed by empirical research most people just take them by faith. The old that's the way it's always been applies here when it comes to myths.

Tradition : a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable 

Based on the definition I've just given, to state that God is a myth is an accurate description of the beliefs about and or related to God. Most people that claim a belief in God do so because they were indoctrinated to believe in him early in life. It's what is known as ma and pa's religion. They generally inherited the traditions of the family. On some rare occasions they actually question those beliefs and eventually recognize them as the bunk that they are.  

Note: All biblical citations are taken from the New International Version of the scriptures and all word definitions are taken from the Merriam Webster online dictionary.


  1. A myth is a myth. DEUS BONUS SEMPER EST

  2. Here is the low down on +Adolf Hitler who was conceived in a Shabbetian Satanic Sexual Ritual on Tisha B'Av

    Eliminate the Opiate v I
    Eliminate the Opiate v II see page 207

    1. First off God is not always good. The entire bible shows us not a loving creator but a tyrannical deity that is full of himself.

      Luckily this post is not about Hitler and even if it was the information would come with reliable sources. Not from some psychotic conspiracy theorists sites which seem to be the sources you prefer.

    2. Maybe the picture of Hitler in the beginning was enough for conspiracy theories and no further reading. :)

      I have also blogged about the origins of life, and like you say science does not have an exact answer. The difference is we have testable answers, not like the "god did it" answer.

    3. Chatpilot, thanks for sharing your thoughts. G-d is simply short for Good. The Bible is obviously not written by G-d, are you serious, is that the crux of your argument? It was obviously written by selfish Untermenschen (subhumans). It has all been deciphered here:

      Why are you taking their bait? Just because their story is a lie does not mean the truth does not exist, come on, get real please. THANK YOU.

      Christian, Hitler is VERY important to really understand, and this book tells how and where Hitler came from...

      In Eliminate the Opiate Volume II's pages (page 207 you will find out where HITLER really came from, i.e. he was conceived, according to Antleman, in an Apostate Rabbi Shabbetai Zvi inspired Sabbetian Satanic Sexual Ritual on Tisha B'Av no less.

      Tisha B'Av, i.e.the 9th of Av, is the day of destruction in the Hebrew calender, the 9th day of the 11th HEBREW month, the inverse of the 911 in fact. This fact is not insignificant. That year, the 9th of Av was 9 months prior to Hitler's actual undisputed birth day of April 19th in the Gregorian Calendar, do the math !!!

    4. "The Bible is obviously not written by G-d, are you serious, is that the crux of your argument?"

      There you go again Sean putting words into my mouth that I have never spoken. How could I say that the Bible is written by God when I don't believe in God?

      You claim the "truth" exists that God exists but you have yet to provide a shred of evidence to back up your claim. You are in no better position than a Christian apologist who argues for God's existence because of as William Lane Craig likes to say "the inner witness of the Holy Spirit." In other words, his subjective feelings about the truth of what he has already convinced himself to believe.

      If subjective feelings were enough to validate a believers claim to knowledge of truth then we would have to accept that all the other religions that claim truth because of their feelings must be true as well.

    5. David Cortright, you are disingenuous, you are facetious, and not to be taken seriously, you own reasoning speaks against you. I needn't say another word other than to use your own words against you, for they speak for themselves. PEACE UNTO YOU TROUBLED ONE.

    6. I do not believe, neither should you, you must, like I, KNOW. The evidence is simply overwhelming, everything is evidence, in fact there is nothing that is not evidence.

    7. I am not arguing for belief in anything, for the truth is self-evident. You however are trying to get fools to join you in your folly. What is your goal if not to spread your belief in disbelief? Your forever futile & frustrated attempt to prove truth isn't true? Why? What is the goal but selfish?

      Just because you were a fool who bought the Pentecostal Lie, does not mean all those you are attempting to deceive are not smarter than you were? In fact the fact you did buy it, proves you are capable of being wrong here as well. Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, Geesh.

      Absence of proof is NEVER proof of Absence, yet the proof is simply overwhelming, what is not evidence of G-D’s existence?

      Answer the question, for your own good, please.

      G-D help you, you are so self-deceived David Cortright, just keep it to yourself though, for you are responsible for all those you corrupt, that is how serious reality is my friend.

    8. "G-D help you, you are so self-deceived David Cortright, just keep it to yourself though, for you are responsible for all those you corrupt, that is how serious reality is my friend."

      Spoken like a true apologist! Keep it to yourself, your opinion on these matters just doesn't matter is basically what you are saying. But you on the other hand are doing what I am doing expressing your delusions based entirely on conspiracy theories with no evidence whatsoever. Your god only exists in your deluded mind. As far as evidence being everywhere and self evident this only applies to you since you see what you want to see. Do the terms cognitive disonance and confirmation bias mean anything to you? Please stop bombarding my blog with your bullshit. If you don't like what I have to say then don't read it.

  3. Actually, Chat, I think you should encourage him to comment, since it clearly shows the mental gymnastics you need to do in order to believe in the Bible.

    1. Canadian Atheist, please read my comments VERY closely so as to insure you are not assuming anything, we likely agree on on just about everything except you know what... thanks!!!

    2. Sean the problem essentially is this. You have argued multiple points as to why god is real and they are difficult to all tie together.

      The one thing you could do is provide evidence for god. But no theistic group has ever been able to do that so...can you?

    3. Christian, name something, anything at all, that is NOT the evidence you seek? Thanks !!!

  4. Sean: VERY closely so as to insure you are not assuming anything, we likely agree on on just about everything except you know what... thanks!!!

    I'm pretty sure we don't. For example, I don't think Hitler was born from a Satanic ritual. He was clearly a Christian. He was a Catholic and was never excommunicated. The Catholic Church even smuggled out Nazi criminals after the war and they made the holocaust possible by preaching antisemitism, making Hitlers job so much easier. Christian Europe then went ahead and killed people at an unprecedented rate.

    I do not think the truth is self-evident. I rely on evidence.

    I also don't think Chat is responsible for any sort of 'corruption'. From what I've read so far of his blog, he uses rational arguments to show why he doesn't believe in a myth.

    1. I've actually been going back and forth with Sean for some time now both here and on google. He does not believe in the Bible but has a wierd cocept of God which he can't seem to articulate. Also, his views about the N.T. particularly are based on a frings conspiracy theory written by some unknown Hebrew "scholar" named Abelard Reuchlin which by the way is pseudonym. He claims that Flavius Josephus was actually Arius Calpernius Piso a Roman. That the Piso family wrote the entire N.T. and that Jesus and anyone associated with him are all fictional characters. Sean is the resident religious conspiracy theorist. Hence the claims about Hitler being conceived in a Satanic ritual etc. He even redefines the entire dictionary to suit his claims.

    2. Canadian Atheist, your inability to see the whole picture is a problem for you. You cannot know something until you look into it. The truth is self-evident, i.e. it is its own truth, this is a very subtle point, but if you really think about it, you will see it.

      You assume I support Xtianity, I do not, I go out of my way to show it is a PISONIAN Conspiracy.

      Yet G-d exists in spite of all the liars & posers, this is where you & I part ways, correct?

  5. Wow. That's some really weird stuff you believe. Thanks for explaining it, Chat.

    Yes, we would part ways at the belief in God. Unless you have some evidence to offer up.

    Actually, we'd part ways at the religious conspiracy theory as well.

    1. Have already told you I believe nothing, yet you insist on claiming I do, this makes you disingenuous, and anti-social.

      As for evidence, please name something, anything at all, that is NOT the evidence you seek? Thanks !!!

    2. Sean, as far as the historical record goes the "Pisonian Conspiracy" only refers to the assassination plot of the Emperor Nero led by Gaius Calpernius Piso. It does not extend into the authorship of the N.T. as your psychopathic unknown Jewish "scholar" with the pseudonym Abelard Reuchlin suggests.

      You actually pointed to a wikipedia page about the actual conspiracy as proof of what the unknown fringe "scholar" was trying to propose as facts. In other words you did exactly what the many biblical authors did. You mixed historical facts with myth or in this case invented history in the form of a conpiracy theory about the true authorship of the New Testament.

  6. Parabéns pelo Blog. Bem feito e comunicativo.