Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Christian Double Standard

This post is about what I like to call the Christian double standard. What is a double standard? Well, according to wikipedia: 'A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or to different people in the same situation.' Many times I have received emails from some of my detractors that I am simply proselytizing for atheism. They claim that the purpose of my blog is to gain converts to a "religion" when in fact atheism is not a religion at all. If Christians would stop trying to redefine common and universally understood terms to fit their insane beliefs they would understand that atheism in its simplest form is nothing more than a lack of belief in gods or in this case the biblical God.

My goal in this blog is to provide through my experiences as both a former believer and an atheist information for those who are at a crossroads in their faith. I like to think that I can lead them to assess their beliefs objectively and to think critically about those beliefs. I know personally how hard and torturous the internal struggles that one encounters could be, especially if you have been deeply indoctrinated and Christianity is all you know. In essence, I am not preaching; I'm teaching others that it is okay to doubt.

A large part of the Christian agenda is to proselytize and gain as many converts to the faith as possible. I don't have a problem with this since it is required of them as per the great commission in Matthew 28:16-20. The only time I have a problem with theists mainly, is when their beliefs affect my daily life and worldview. The best example of this is their insistence of being able to teach Intelligent Design in our public schools when they know full well that this clearly is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. They want to make abortions illegal; not because its morally reprehensible which is a matter of opinion, but because of their religious convictions about such matters. Since they know that they are a majority group here in the United States, they want to use that influence on our politics and our countries legislators and the laws they write. 

Christians can preach and proclaim the gospel to anyone anywhere at any time, and yet when people such as myself who do not agree with their beliefs raises his/her voice, we are accused of persecuting them. They love to claim their right to freedom of speech but not when it applies to others whose views contradict what they believe. They make all sorts of ridiculous claims and false notions about atheists, agnostics, etal. Even though their bible teaches that they should not bear false witness against their neighbor/anyone, yet they do it all the time.

Freedom of speech is only okay if you are preaching or promoting the Christian worldview, but it's not okay for you to challenge their worldview or their beliefs. That's a huge double standard by my estimation. But this is to be expected since the bible does condemn all those who do not believe in God as fools, immoral, lustful, murderous, unjust, vile, etc. They are only promoting the many biases that they learn from the so called dubiously "inspirational" book: the bible.

Christians claim absolute truth and quite frankly; they don't like to be challenged or contradicted. At the height of their power during the dark ages they demonstrated this in the most brutal fashion. Not only were they murdering non-believers but they were killing all those that were of another religious system and believers who did not believe as they did! These believers were known as heretics and they were treated as if they were non-believing "enemies" of God and the church.

I am pretty confident that if they were able to wield that power once again then we would probably see a resurgence of Christian brutality being promoted by the church and enforced by the government. That is why a theocracy is one of the most horrifying ideas not just for our modern day and age but for any day and age. Theists demonstrated during the dark ages exactly what they would do with such power. Because of the times they have had to resort to more diplomatic measures, but from time to time you get a glimpse of their former tyrannical and dictatorial ways.


  1. You gotta love the Christian persecution complex. If you do not agree with them you are persecuting them. Yes, freedom of speech, they never figure out that it works two ways. I truly do feel sorry for those Christians who do not seek to judge others, because the rest of the Christian society has really ruined their generation.

  2. I agree jamiessmiles, in the twisted mind and logic of a theist freedom of speech only applies to them lol. Everyone else who does not agree with their beliefs must shut up and go away!

    Unlike the gospel tales regarding evangelization as taught by the fictional Christ, they want to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

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