Monday, March 12, 2012

Wrong beliefs lead to low self esteem issues

Why is it that Christianity is so popular? I guess its because people just want something to believe in. But if we insist on having beliefs then why not just believe in yourself? Why not believe in the unlimited possibilities of the human will? Anyone who has taken the time to read the bible will immediately see that it does nothing but degrade mankind to serve at the feet of an imaginary god.

Genesis chapter six verses seven and eight express clearly what the biblical deity thought of mankind. '6 Yahweh regretted having made human beings on earth and was grieved at heart.
7 And Yahweh said, 'I shall rid the surface of the earth of the human beings whom I created -- human and animal, the creeping things and the birds of heaven -- for I regret having made them.' These are the words of the so called great and loving creator that Christians profess their loyalty to. The funny thing is that the biblical God has never loved us.

It's funny that believers say that this deity is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent when passages like the one mentioned above exist in their bibles. God is shown to have changed his mind about mankind, and even after the flood he shows regret for having destroyed the majority of the worlds population!. What would it take to make a believer see that what he has believed is nothing more than a lie and a myth! Anyone who reads the bible in its entirety can see it for what it is; a book of myths!

The very idea of some imaginary guy in the sky sitting up there hearing the bitching and moaning of believers in the form of prayers is outright ridiculous. They kneel and thank the invisible man for saving their drug dealing sons from dying in a shoot out, or they thank him for keeping their gang banging kids safe while they run the streets committing crimes against others. Christian hypocrisy is like a plague in this nation. Politicians use it to get votes and curry the favor of believers so that they can get elected to office.

The latest phenomenon of mega-churches adds another low to the Christian church as a whole. A bunch of sorry ass needy people pack these churches several times a week in search of a miracle or a touch from their imaginary god. When will humanity wake up! We already had a theocracy in this country and let's just say that it did not go too well for the public in general. Basically the rule of thumb was believe as we do or die! People in the dark ages were coerced into accepting Christianity by threat of torture and death.

When I renounced my beliefs as a Christian one of the first acts of defiance that I did was to burn my bible literally. It felt good and liberating for me and it had some real value and sentiment for me to do that. It was necessary for me to finally demonstrate that the imaginary guy in the sky did not exist. Years prior to that event my mother told me a story about a man who burned his bible and supposedly went crazy! I thought that the tale was a crock of shit and so I decided to do the same thing!

Honestly, if you really want to believe in something believe in yourself. Recognize your self worth and strive to be a better person. Make something out of yourself that you can be proud of. The bible says that pride cometh before a fall, I say fuck God! Our own self esteem is worth a thousand times more than what an imaginary god could hope to give us. Remember that in this world you are number one, look out for you. Do what's best for you and what makes you feel good as long as it's not illegal or hurting anyone in the process you have my approval. Wrong beliefs create wrong ideas about ourselves, it's time to kick those myths to the curb and work on yourself and to help those you value and love in this world now.


  1. Chat, I'm not sure you realize how much depth and insight you having in writing about xtianity and religions, have you ever considered writing a book?

    I have read John Loftus' stuff he just doesn't hit home like you do, I like John alot I just do not agree with his approach to debunking Christianity, I will not buy his books, but I would gladly buy yours and spread them around, I believe you could reach more people with a book than these blogs which appear to be just a waste of time, IMO.

    I love to read articulett over a debunking, I wish she would write a book also, she does it like you do, breaks it down into easy to understand examples of what makes the bible wrong and why it commands people to obey it's mythological nonsense.

  2. Steven, long time my friend! Thanks for the support as usual and keep it coming. I have been considering writing a book in the past few weeks because of the feedback I have been getting here at my blog. But I feel that this blog based on that feedback has been a helpful resource for many people.

    I too love articulett she is a sweety and goes for the jugular every time. I don't like dealing with issues about religious beliefs with kid gloves. I go head on and throw out my ideas and opinions based on what I know to my own satisfaction to be true. I am not trying to convince anyone of becoming an atheist. Basically here I just get to share my two cents in discussions about beliefs.

    If I do write a book any time soon I promise you that you will be one of the first to know. In the meantime stick around I am working on some interesting posts coming soon.

  3. Don't worry my friend I'm not going anywhere, I'll keep in touch as I hope you do too. I think my comp caught a virus anyway it's fixed now, I couldn't even log on to my own blog for a while. damned viruses!