Thursday, April 29, 2010

God did what?

One of the arguments I find most appalling in all of Christendom, is the old god did it argument. Basing themselves on ignorance as to how life began; Christians like to surmise that since science does not have the answer in its entirety, then it must be that God did it. This argument is also called the god of the gaps theory because it is supposed to fill in the gaps in our current scientific knowledge.

But I personally call this as I see it, and to me it's nothing more than burying your head in the sand and giving up your reasoning and logic skills for an easy way out to those things that are so complex. Recently I debated a Christian who claims to be a former atheist till about 4 years ago. And he boldly stated that the answer to all of life is obviously God. His position being that there had to be a prime mover in all of this and evolution or even the big bang theory were not logical enough to make any sense, so............ God did it!

This is Christian reasoning at its best and quite frankly in my opinion it is embarrassing to call this knowledge, and compare it with knowledge based on scientific analysis and inquiry as opposed to faith. Faith is the ultimate equalizer because faith does not require an explanation nor a reason it just believes and accepts what is claimed as truth.

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