Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Randomness of Life

The randomness of life proves to me that there is no God every single day. Death for instance does not have a preference of who should live or who should die. On a daily basis we all stand at deaths door not knowing when it will be the time of our own demise. We are all part of a natural world and like all natural living biological organisms we too will eventually deteriorate and die. Christians are not exempt from this process and like the rest of us God or no God they return to the earth from whence we have all come.

Mothers die while giving birth and children have been born dead many times throughout history. I ask you dear Christian where is the divine purpose in that? Why bring a sick and mentally disabled child into the world? Why do birth defects even exist? Of course I anticipate your answers. It is not God it is the result of our own sin. But that does not make sense. According to your bible God is the giver of life and he can also take it away (Deuteronomy 32:39). What kind of God inflicts pain and torture on those of us who don't believe in him or disobey his commandments? Your God is nothing more than a monster and a thing that is not worthy of worship.

The idea of worship is repulsive to me when a simple thank you for creating me in my view would suffice. Your God seems like a needy child who wants attention and respect without earning neither of those two virtues. He demands worship, respect, love, etc. yet he does as he wishes for better or for worse. Christianity is nothing more than another form of slavery all over again. Slaves in this country (USA) were beaten and tortured and forced to work. A belief in the biblical God does not beat and torture your body but instead it tortures your mind and your very existence.

The good thing is that life shows us that there is no such thing as privilege and preference. The rich and the poor die no matter what they do. You can pray every day for a hundred years but when it is time for your body to check out you eventually will. There is no god on this earth that can overcome death. I am aware that there are Christians out there that will refute me with the lame story about Jesus so called resurrection which is attested to only in their sacred book, but the fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that that event ever occurred in history.

One of many factors about this life prove to me that there is no god. The randomness of life and death demonstrate that there is no such being and if there was he is not in charge of anything. For my readers and visitors to this blog I would love to hear your opinions and views regarding this matter.


  1. The daughter-in-law of a friend of mine passed away this week at 31 of "natural causes" leaving behind a husband and 3 small children ages 5,3, and 9 months. She was a fine Mennonite woman, taught Sunday School, was involved in the children's ministry, and was a former EMT with the local fire company. Her family and friends call her an angel and accept her death because God needs her more...huh??? What kind of a moron god needs a young mother more than her children and husband? God certainly wasn't thinking about how her family is supposed to find a way in the days ahead.

    Religious people just accept that it's all part of a divine plan and not something to question like young children starving and getting cancer. It seems crystal clear to me that it's all random and that God, if he does exist, could care less about the pain he inflicts on us humans.

  2. If only Eve had not disobeyed god and had not ate of the fruit! I knew a person whom backed over a 2 yr. old child with a dump truck, she's with Jebus now and she's much better off than had she growmn up to live a normal life and get cancer, diseases, or killed in some other horrrendous way. Thank you jebus, for all you've done!

  3. I would take your question about what kind of god inflicts torture and pain on those who don't believe in him and ask:

    What kind of God inflicts pain and torture on those who _do_ believe in him and _obey_ his commandments?

    Because, as you note, life is random, and pain and suffering come to believers as well as non-believers.