Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Questioning my commitment

I have come to the conclusion that theists say the dumbest things. In fact, they should make that into a game show so the world could laugh at their naivete! Of all the dumb arguments and comments I have received on my blog by theists, nothing ticks me off more than when they accuse me of never having known Christ due to a lack of commitment. If they took the time to read my damn deconversion story my commitment would never be in question!

For this insanely mentally retarded argument to work you would have to then question the commitment of the Hebrews; who supposedly saw God's power and heard his voice all the time and still backslid quite often if we are to take the O.T. narratives as true. Not to mention the apostles of Christ who walked and talked with him for about three years and when he was being tried and crucified they all fled and hid!

Backsliding is quite common and it has nothing to do with your commitment to Christ, it is more a matter of waning faith and circumstance. I can honestly say that the only time I wasn't praying was when I was asleep. I was immersed fully in my beliefs and at the time was willing to die for what I believed in if necessary. I was the very definition of a fundamentalist fanatical Christian extremist! I took the word of the Lord in its entirety as literal and inerrant truth. I tried to imitate the life of Christ in my daily walk with God. How much more devoted could you be?

Every time I was called for a preaching engagement I always fasted for three days prior so that I would be filled with the spirit and the anointing would flow through me unhampered and so that God would have his way in my speaking engagements and speak through me in my sermons. All these things and more I did in Jesus name and always gave God the glory realizing that I was just a vessel in his hands. I preached to anyone who would listen at work, on the subway, in the streets. Not to mention my street ministry which I operated with a friend on Saturdays and Sundays.

My motto was that if I was going to serve God I was going to do it at one hundred percent or not at all. In fact, when I gave my life to Jesus I was a smoker at the time and right after the service which happened to be at a local park I went home and threw my cigarettes in the garbage. Even as an atheist nothing gets under my skin more than a self righteous holier than thou hypocrite!

You know the type, the same idiotic fools that question whether I had a true encounter or relationship with Christ. The holier than thou morons who waste their time trying to figure out why I left the church and turned my back on God. Just so you future dumb asses don't make any future assumptions about my commitment here is the link to my deconversion story it is in 13 parts so read it and get over yourself! It's entitled 'From Christian to Atheist.'

In the end you were right! I did not know Jesus because he doesn't nor never has existed. That's right, I said it! He is nothing more than a figment of your imaginations my dear theist and does not exist outside of your mind. Your subjective experiences mean absolutely nothing and that still small voice you think is the Holy Spirit is what is called your intuition a gut feeling.Your entire so called "experience" with Christ are all psycho-emotional and nothing more than wishful thinking. Not to mention the fact that your bible contrary to your beliefs is more riddled with holes than a shooting gallery! It's self contradictory and self refuting demonstrating without a doubt that there is nothing divine about it! It doesn't feel good does it? Now that I've gotten that off my chest I can carry on with my day.


  1. You gotta love when people how wrong you are about your experiences. I completely understand your frustration. It is amazing to me how much pride Christians have in believing something that defies all logic.

  2. What say the christians that believe 'once saved, always saved'? A christian is a new creation, is redeemed, is justified, is promised eternal life and is guaranteed glorification. God would have to break all his promises if you could lose your salvation, go back on his word amd change his mind-things that scripture says god never does. By that criteria Chatpilot is still saved, he couldn't lose his salvation even if he wanted to.

  3. That type of self-righteous xtian attitude is the very thing that pisses me off the most, when they come back and say you don't understand the Bible or you have the wrong translation or you should learn how to read Hebrew or Greek to translate what the Bible really says. It's a psychotic war going on between the people who think the Bible has the highest order of truth ever written and the people like us who see it as nothing more than a way to control and manipulate masses of very naive people. As long as you can convince people they have been given a divine purpose you can manipulate them to do anything like go over to a different country to fight in a useless war and to kill other humans and then come back hopefully alive and be called a hero, because the Bible justifies murder because it tells us it's pages contain the highest order of truth. Now in the last ten years I haven't been able to convince anyone that it's a pile of garbage. IMO, I believe the Bible and xtainity is gaining strengh when at a time it should be in strong decline. But like you said you were so convinced that the Bible was true, you would have died for those beliefs and now you would like to burn every fucking buybull you see, but like me you can't convince any xtain of it's BS lies. I can't stand to see those fucking silouettes of a solder with army fatigues and maching gun posed bowing bend knee praying to a cross. Christian solders...damn it all to hell.

  4. It irritates me when believers come to my blog and make stupid assumptions about my experiences as a former believer. They would go to any length to try to rationalize their mental handicap (beliefs) and prove to themselves that it's true.

    Believers looking to validate their beliefs with evidence are hypocrites! You don't need evidence, you have faith! All you are really trying to do is force your faith on the rest of us.

    As long as gullibility and the sheeple mentality is a virtue, there is always going to be religion.

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  6. I agree and I'll ask christians how come little children will get cancer and die horrendous deaths and they'll come back and say "No one knows the mind of god." Well they're just making excuses for their maniac god and to keep on letting people suffer needlessly with his and their approval so they can keep on believing. Religion, it's a mental sickness invented by someone with a mental sickness, IMO.

  7. The question I would like for theists to answer for me is that if there is a God. then what is the purpose behind extinct species. Why create them if you are only going to let them die out? No matter how much evil there is in the world theists never blame God. It's always us and our corrupt nature. And all the flaws in creation and the evil we see and experience in our lives and those of others are the results of sin. Now how bat shit crazy is that?!

    1. I just finished reading a Q&A article with William Lane Craig where he states: "The primeval forests were the basis for the oil and coal deposits that make modern civilization possible. (Try to think of human culture ever evolving very far in the absence of fossil fuels). The extinct creatures that existed during those times were part of the eco-system that made the planet flourish."

      I'm not a theist and am only pointing out a possible answer to your question.

    2. It's just his attempt at trying to mesh theology with scientific facts. Everything on this planet is dependent on something else for its survival which is nothing more than one big circle of life. This makes complete sense cici459 from a naturalistic point of view. God being who his followers claim he is, would not need to go through this long and wasteful process in order to sustain life. Theists attribute this to the introduction of sin as a result of the fall of man. Of course from this perspective everything evil in this world is our fault!