Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why did Jesus Have To Die?

If you really want to have some fun with theists then this is the question you should ask each and every one of them that you encounter: Why did Jesus have to die? You'll probably get the standard replies about him dying for our sins, to save mankind from eternal damnation, or to restore mans relationship with God. The bible in one way or another actually supports all these responses but the real reason is more mundane and outright stupid. So I will patiently attempt to break down this mythical tale and bring it to its inane and ridiculous conclusion.

According to the scriptures God created man in his own image and likeness which also means he created us perfect and sinless. Genesis 1:26 states that God made man to rule the Earth and everything in it. As God was the ruler of the heavens and all of creation, man in a similar role was given the task of subduing the earth and all  living creatures within it Genesis 1:28. It's funny how the things on earth mirror the things in heaven!So after God had finished the creation phase he took a look at all that he had done and saw "that it was good." He was so tired from speaking things into existence for six days straight that the bible says he rested on the seventh day. I could see the Lord kicking back on a cloud with a cold beer patting himself on the back for a job well done.

The only problem that God did not foresee was that in the garden there was this snake that could talk! And it says that he was the most subtle of all the wild animals (the wiliest). Here is an interesting point to make. In Genesis the snake is presented simply as a snake from the wild, there is no mention of this being Satan in disguise or anything of the sort. You never hear of any connection between Satan and the serpent till the book of Revelation 12:9. I am led to believe that this was a later addition to the myth. Christians like to take the above mentioned text and interpret it as a past event rather than as a future prophecy by tying this event to the serpent in the garden tale.

After man is duped into disobeying God by partaking of the forbidden fruit in the garden which in my opinion should not have been there in the first place he is cast out of Eden and is separated from the presence of God. He now has to make sacrifices to atone for his sin which apparently God is never satisfied with and continues to be angry at mankind. The old testament laws as given to the Hebrews were replete with different sacrifices for all sorts of things. If you are interested in this just read through the book of Leviticus.

One of the most important requirements when it came to animal sacrifices to the Lord was that the animal must be as pure and perfect as possible. According to the old testament things were purified by blood and so as an atonement for the soul it was necessary that blood be shed before the Lord Leviticus 17:11. Here is the irony; the author of Matthew states that God commands men to forgive our fellow man so that he may forgive us in like manner Matthew 6:14,15. So my dear theists why couldn't God keep to his own rule and forgive mankind and let us start over with a clean slate without requiring the sacrifice of animals and finally his son? Doesn't the bible teach that with God all things are possible? Matthew 19:26. All things that is, except the forgiveness of man by God making the conscious decision to forgive us. Could this thing called forgiveness be God's kryptonite?

So according to the scriptures without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin Hebrews 9:22. Note that this is God's own rule and in my opinion it's a stupid rule that could have easily been changed. Jesus echoes this same sentiment about blood and sin in Matthew 26:28. So if you follow this illogical form of logic that is Christian theology Jesus had to come down to earth to be sacrificed simply because there was not one man on the earth who was qualified to do so for we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans  3:23

Because of Adam and Eves sin our natures were made corrupt and thus there was no man on earth that could through the sacrifice of his own life and blood appease God or atone for the sins of mankind. Jesus on the other hand was the supposed incarnation of God and thus a perfect sacrifice that was untouched by sin. In Romans 5:19 and the rest of the chapter it tries to explain that through one man we were all condemned so it is that through one man (Jesus Christ) we are all justified to life.

In conclusion, Jesus had to die because God was too much of an ass hole to go against a rule he instituted. He couldn't simply forgive, so many animals had to die to temporarily appease his blood lust till the time was right for him to send Christ the perfect sacrifice to redeem us forever. But this came with a catch. You have to accept and believe that you are a sinner in need of redemption and then surrender your life to God through Christ and live a life according to his will. Which quite frankly is impossible because God is simply unable to forgive. He has been offended and we are to sacrifice our lives to him forever or pay the consequences in hell. As far as I'm concerned if God did exist (which he doesn't) then he could go fuck himself while he pouts in a corner in heaven. Instead of being called the greatest story ever told it should be called the dumbest myth ever told!


  1. It's almost like if a friend did you wrong, and rather than just forgive him when he apologized if you cut off your finger and gave it to him - and if he didn't put it in his pocket or freaked out you'd set him on fire.
    The idea of no forgiveness without the shedding of blood sounds more appropriate to a mafia boss than a being capable of creating the Universe.

  2. You know, I completely agree with the concept of animal sacrifices. I think its weird, no doubt. I live near a small town that burns carcasses of cattle after they are processed. The smell is horrible and actually makes you want to vomit. That smell, according to the bible is "pleasing to the Lord", so yeah, I find it weird.

    With that said, I love how you give a lot of biblical truth in your post, then go on to a rant about the stupidity of it all. You yourself made sense of it, but do not see a need for it.

    Finally, it should be noted that Jesus did not have to die. God could have never sent Christ to cover our sins, but in doing so you are justified by the law (10 commandments) and not by faith. So rather than calling God names, you could thank him for giving you an "out".

  3. @Lost blogger, I don't see it as an out. The point of the post is that the so called death of Christ did not have to happen in the first place. Vicarious suffering is not justice by any means. It's as if your brother ( if you have one) commits a horrendous crime which required the penalty. And you step up and convince the judge that he deserves another chance at life so you decide you want to take his penalty of death upon yourself. Although you have never committed a crime you are executed for the crime of your brother. Does that sound like justice to you?

  4. It's a patently ridiculous concept, this "god kills himself/his son to placate himself so he doesn't have to send his beloved creations to a place of eternal torture that he never had to create in the first place".

    But reason and critical thinking isn't an attribute among the religiously afflicted. To be a true christian " must pluck out the eye of reason." (Martin Luther) It's the one thing they are trained to do and do so well.