Monday, November 28, 2011

The Bible condemns God as a monster!

Contrary to what some of the readers of my blog may believe, I did not discard my beliefs because of my disillusion with my particular religious sect (Pentecostalism). It wasn't the pastor or the rest of the congregation or what this or that person did or how they conducted themselves towards me. My disillusion began when I first sat down and decided to read the Bible in its entirety.

When I read the bible for the first time I was literally disgusted that I had unknowingly submitted my life and devotion to what I believed was a benevolent deity. The O.T. deity was not the God I thought I loved and worshiped and who at the time I thought loved and looked after me with an even greater love than I could ever imagine. It has been my experience that man has demonstrated more morality throughout our existence than the biblical god has.

You would think that the Hebrews would try to put their god in a more favorable light, but instead they have created a monster who is to be feared and worshiped unconditionally. We are supposed to be forever thankful for his having created us and given us life, we are supposed to remind him through worship how grateful we are for his mercy etc. It's akin to someone lending you money in a time of need and expecting you to thank him for it even after you have paid him back on a daily basis. Not only that, he must remind you to thank him and make sure that you never forget his generosity!

It was not the church or the religion, but rather the testimony of the scriptures regarding this god. It was the crimes against humanity, the complete annihilation of entire races and the usurping of their lands in order to give it to the Hebrews. On some occasions men, women, children, not even the animals or livestock were spared the wrath of God. He punished them for worshiping false gods but he never presented himself to them. Here are some of the great things that the bible contains: fratricide, incest, polygamy, mass murder, ritual killing, massacres, genocide, slavery, etc.

The worst criminals in human history can't hold a candle to the biblical God! Mao and Hitler put together couldn't match the evil and ferocity of the biblical deity. It has been my opinion that if God were a human he would be tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Christians who don't read the bible are given the watered down version and even when they are shown some of God's acts of cruelty they are convinced that the victims brought it on themselves! If God were real then all he had to do was make himself known to mankind through every generation in such a way that his existence would never be in question. But instead the fictional deity only exists on the pages of some ancient texts and the heart and minds of those fools who choose to believe in them as being his word or revelation without learning more about the texts themselves.

I personally despise all religions that require man to debase himself and grovel on the ground to some invisible vainglorious deity that requires worship and praise under the threat of eternal damnation, and through the use and manipulation and fear.

In summation my position is simple: I do not accept the existence of a biblical God or any other gods, the fact that the origins of religious beliefs are rooted in ancient fears of the unknown through the creation of myths and superstitions is telling. I see gods as the creations of man and not the other way around, and feel that the God of the Bible not only does not exist but his existence in and of itself is an impossibility that stands outside  the realms of reason. I don't differentiate the biblical deity from all the other thousands of deities that man has created for himself the world over. Basically, if you've seen one myth you've pretty much seen them all.

I honestly don't understand how anyone could read the bible in its entirety and come to the conclusion that God is love. The Jesus tale in the N.T. was an offshoot of the old and anyone who had read both would immediately recognize that it was written in order to make Judaism more palatable to foreigners also known as gentiles in the scriptures. They dropped some of the older Jewish traditions and made the gentiles also acceptable to God through the fictional story of the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary.


  1. I've noticed fundies often know these things as say anything he does is perfectly fine since he's god - which is essentially "might makes right."

  2. I just found your blog and I can't wait to read more of your thoughts! I too have read the bible cover to cover and was disgusted with what I read.

  3. My concern is that you may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The nature God’s existence is that of a composite metaphor that varies with each person’s perception. The myths of God are a manifestation of the human subconscious both good and evil. Do not waste your time, like the theist do, with a literal interpretation of myths and metaphors. Instead participate in the experience of the subconscious with purely secular techniques such as quiet mind meditation, music, and group participation that do not entail the use of drugs. Drug induced subconscious experience is not recommend. Anyone with a capacity to perceive and acknowledge existence based reality needs some help in coping with the repulsive aspects that are encountered. Also, one should avoid a second mistake that atheists often make. The mistake is to replace the delusions of religious dogma with the delusions of political dogmas such as humanitarianism and socialism.

  4. Anonymous, thanks for your comments and for reading my blog. I personally don't think you need God to be able to meditate. I meditate from time to time and that helps me quiet my mind and organize my thoughts. I personally don't get caught up with "political dogmas" either. I just tend to call it like I see it. I don't trust politics or politicians nor do I get caught up in all of the imaginary models of socialism etc. I fight against religious insanity and their attempts at trying to impose their beliefs on me by force through the manipulation of politicians and government legislation.