Thursday, October 6, 2011

Learned believers? LOL

One of the things that I find hard to believe is how far Christianity has come from its birth to its current state. Whoever thought two thousand plus years ago that this myth would be taken so seriously in some parts of the world that people would need college degrees and doctorates to qualify as authorities on the scriptures?

In my opinion when it comes to Christianity and the scriptures all it takes to understand them is common sense. I have no respect for a minister who holds a doctorate in theology, that is the same to me as holding a doctorate in astrology; utterly useless! Becoming an expert on superstitions and myths does not equate being an expert in the more mundane practices of the various disciplines of science such as medicine, math, astronomy, etc.

When it comes to the bible the fact that outside of those scriptures none of those fantastic tales can be verified makes the case against most of them being untrue. I am of the opinion that there is some history mixed in the scriptures but that they have been cleverly interwoven with myths. For instance, it takes a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that Samson singlehandedly slew a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass (donkey) as described in Judges 15:15.

It takes an even greater stretch of the imagination to literally believe that the tribes of Israel brought down the great walls of the city of Jericho by walking around the city for seven days silently and then finally blowing trumpets! The absurdities in the bible both in the old and new testaments are too many to count and too unbelievable to be taken seriously. But despite all of these absurdities there are many fundamentalists out there that swear by the veracity of these tales on nothing more than faith.

When theists tell me that history and archeology confirm the biblical narratives it just tells me that they are ignorant and ill informed about both disciplines. Christians have their own version of science and archeology which consists of fabricating evidence to fit their stories. In other words, their idea of science is first establishing on faith that their tales are true and then finding evidence that fits what they believe. This methodology is the complete opposite of how scientific study is approached and conducted.

In closing I would like to end with the quote from Carl Sagan which states that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” To date the church has utterly failed to prove conclusively one single story of the biblical narratives. Their so called evidences have been proven many times to be fraudulent and faulty. Unfortunately for them subjective evidence does not qualify as evidence for the naysayers and non-believers such as myself. Let’s face it, without the bible you would not have even known of the existence of any of those tales nor held any beliefs about the divinity of such tales. The fact that these tales only exist as told in the bible make these tales all the more incredulous.

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  1. A degree in religion is about as useful as one in Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately it pays better.