Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life without God makes a lot more sense

I have said it before but I think that the disasters that have recently rocked Japan are evidence enough of my point: an atheistic worldview makes a lot more sense. In fact, the world makes a lot more sense when you take God out of the equation. A naturalistic worldview sees the world for what it is; a self sustaining natural occurrence. The world is full of apparent order and chaos in the many varied elements of nature. But when natural disasters strike we have only two choices to help us understand them; the natural and the supernatural.

In my view trying to insert a why alongside a deity into a natural disaster just creates more questions than answers. Trying to understand the mind of "God" is an exercise in futility. The bible itself teaches that Jehova is a jealous God, hell it's even in the ten commandments. I've heard fundamentalist's idiots attribute these natural disasters to punishment for violating the commandments where God demands that you worship only him. Paganism and idolatry are the fundamentalist's first choice to try and understand how a nation or country can suffer so much tragedy throughout its history.

The next favorite religious reason is that all of these natural disasters are just signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I have stated many times if this were the case then it seems that God must keep changing his plans at the last moment. There have been wars and rumors of wars and natural disasters all throughout the history of mankind and even before we came along this planet still displays the scars of its chaotic past.

Fundamentalists Christians seem to rejoice every time they see these so called "displays of God's power" when in fact they should feel compassion and love for their fellow man. The biblical story of Jonah in my opinion is an allegorical narrative of this idea. Jonah was told to go to Ninevah to tell them to repent or else God would destroy their city. He refused because he did not like the Ninevites and went in the opposite direction on a ship. When the ship was in danger of capsizing due to God's anger at Jonah for not obeying his commands; Jonah informed the superstitious crew about his predicament and they cast him into the sea. He was then swallowed by a large fish ( the bible does not say it was a whale)and carried to the shores of Ninevah where he then carried out his mission. The inhabitants of Ninevah repented and God forgave them and did not bring destruction and disaster to their city. You can read about it in the book of Jonah chapters 1 through 3.

Back to the topic at for I digressed a little in the last paragraph. I feel that natural disasters are just that, natural. There is no need for a supernatural explanation. Scientists know why and in most cases how they occur without the need for something as silly as the wrath of God. Plate tectonics help us understand why earthquakes occur. When they occur at sea the shock waves create huge waves in the water which in turn become tsunami's. Now Japan faces a new threat and this one is entirely man made. The threat to their nuclear reactors and the release of radiation into its atmosphere. We could only hope that this situation will not get any worse and help out in any way we can to help relieve the suffering of our fellow man.


  1. As always...SPOT ON and clear as a bell! Great to see you fitting some time in for your blog. It's always been at the top of my favorites.
    Keep it coming, David!!

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  3. Billy! Damn it's good to see you my friend. I have not heard from you in such a long time that I was actually starting to think that you reverted back to Christianity. I checked out that site you asked me to look at. It's interesting and my specialty, I would be honored to have you use my articles on the site as you see fit. When you can write to me through your personal email that way we can stay in touch. Take care my friend and don't be a stranger.

  4. blaspheming bitches...

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  6. anonymous thanks for the comment but I hate to be the one to inform you but blasphemy is not a real offense. In fact outside of a religious context it has no meaning whatsoever. Needless to say your comment did give me a hell of a laugh so thanks again.

  7. Thank you speck for your comments and your support. I will join your site and then we can talk more if you'd like. Be on the lookout for my next post it's a good one. I am glad you are enjoying my articles.

  8. you don't want to eternal life!

    you didn't have to real experience with God...
    maybe when you was in that religious only you studied the Bible and didn't meet to God..
    Crist isn't a book...

  9. I've heard that one before Anon and I must say that you're wrong in speculating that I did not have a real "experience" with God. I went deeper spiritually than most Christians I knew. I have used the so called gifts of the Spirit in my ministry and was filled with the Holy Ghost. But the more I learned about the bible and what was going on in my life and the things around me the more I came to realize that God is a myth!

    All so called spiritual experiences with God are nothing more than subjective and psychosomatic in nature. In fact, they are the result of deep indoctrination. Basically, the more you believe the more you achieve.