Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank God?

I think that one of the most used terms in the English language is "thank God".... personally, I think this is one of the most undeserved expressions of gratitude known to man. I have oftentimes caught myself saying it from time to time but now when I say it, it is more as a result of habit than of genuine gratitude.

One of the things I hate most about Christianity is that you are not allowed to achieve anything in life without giving any credit to the fictional guy in the sky. In fact, the bible reinforces this belief over and over throughout the scriptures.

For example, you are ready to sit down and enjoy a meal when someone decides that we should say grace. Grace for what? God did not put that food on the table, you did! If it were not for you getting up each morning and working for a living then you would not have anything to eat at all. The theist might say something silly like "but it is God that gives you the health and the strength to work", what a crock of shit!

This biblical God does not give a shit about you, and he can't, simply because he does not exist. The quicker you realize this the easier life becomes, once you realize that you have to pave your own way in this world then life becomes a lot easier. Life is about adversity, sacrifices, and struggles there will always be challenges and opportunities; some will be good for us and others will serve to our detriment.

In an earlier post I mentioned that once you look at the world naturally you have no reason to believe in God. There is no reason to acknowledge the existence of a mythical being. People love to be praised at home or at work for a job well done, it's in our natures to be that way. But when you serve God you have to give that up too, everything that is you must be surrendered to this mythical deity that you are to fear and praise for doing nothing at all. It seems like he is entitled to your praise simply because you choose to believe in him!

When you look at life and all of the baggage it hands us in our own individual and personal journey's from a natural perspective it makes so much more sense. Life is impersonal, it does not know race, or color, nor does it discriminate age. A child dies in a crib you don't need to ask God why when you realize that these things happen in life.

So theists, when you face adversities that seem too much to bear keep in mind that it is not Satan or God nor is it a test of your faith. It is just life and you can choose to let those things keep you down or you can stand up shake them off and continue your journey bravely and determined never to let life keep you down.


  1. I take a leaf from Futurama and like to thank the great zombie jesus whenever I can.

    Not only is it a laugh, but conveys my disdain and non-acceptance of religion at the same time.

  2. The world looks and behaves exactly as if there is no god, but if you are Biblically indoctrinated by the people who bring you into this world, it's hard not to follow the childhood indoctrination as visually seen every Sunday morning at all the various churches.

  3. You are full of pride, pride the sin of Satan himself.

  4. Ack! - is Satan behind me right now? Because I accidentally clicked on that website full of pictures with upskirt celebrity photos.

    The page I meant to load had advice for withholding family planning information in third-world countries (and Texas) so that HIV and AIDS cold run rampant among the population destroying families and lives - so see? I should be safe from eternal hellfire. Whew that was close!

  5. Christianity loves doing everything vicariously. If you are bad, the devil made you do it. If you are good then God was with you. People need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and outgrow their childish religious beliefs once and for all.

  6. "You are full of pride, pride the sin of Satan himself."

    Wait a minute, isn't Satan that wicked ole snake that tempted Eve to convince Adam to take a bite of that fruit?

    I thought god flooded the earth to take care of all that evil wickedness and pride, didn't he drown that ole snake Satan in the flood?

    Unless Satan sneaked aboard the ark...hmmmm?

  7. Obviously Steven, God did not do a good job of cleansing the Earth.He destroyed all those bad people and innocent animals in the flood for nothing. The flood, just another display of how incompetent the biblical monster God really is.

  8. I'm just wondering how Satan could have survived the flood, he was a physical being wasn't he? Crawled on the ground, Serpent that ate dust?