Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a liberal atheist

Contrary to what many theists think about atheists and morality I would like to state for the record that you don't need God to have morals, morals are taught and learned through the culture and society of ones upbringing. There were existing cultures where at one time or another cannibalism was very prevalent and in fact common place, mostly for sacrifice and ritualistic purposes. Something as horrible as cannibalism is frowned upon here in the West and in other corners of the world as barbaric and even savage. But to those people in those cultures it was the norm, even today there are still some obscure tribes that ingest a a beverage made of the ashes of their dead loved ones upon their passing. The tribe that does this specifically to this day is the Uape indians of the Amazon here is a brief description of the practice:

I am what I like to call a very liberal atheist, what I mean by this is that I have a very relaxed policy regarding my personal life and morals. I drink as much or as little as I want, I can sing, dance, and do so many things, and my only rule is that you don't harm anyone else. I am of the opinion that we only live once, heaven and hell are nothing more than ancient myths and modern delusions. Life is short and there is no time to waste you do what makes you happy and you enjoy every second of it for better or for worse because you only live once and you don't get a second chance at this.

Religion and religious practice on the other hand are a complete and utter waste of time, especially those religions that are restrictive regarding what you can and can't do. Many of mans natural pleasures for example are considered sins in the bible, but when you are an atheist you don't have to worry about offending the imaginary guy in the sky. Instead you live life and you live it to the fullest.You enjoy your friends and relatives, and especially your personal relationships with other people, as an atheist I don't discriminate against anyone for their life style. I have a live and let live policy, basically what you do with your life is your business. I remember when I was in 11 grade in high school that I commented to a friend that I liked Elton Johns music. His reply was "yeah but he's a faggot". My reply was "I don't give a shit what he does in the privacy of his bedroom I just like his music.

A lot of the prejudices that plague our society are biblically based, and I dare say that they are the result of religious teachings. The bible condemns gays, advocates slavery, discriminates against women, instead of being a message of love it is in fact a message of hate. It separates the believers from the nonbelievers and calls the believers special, the light of the world etc. It gives the believers that sense of being better than anyone else who does not believe as they do. Although the bible teaches that you should not judge lest ye be judged the first to judge and condemn the world are the Christian and Muslim communities. I am discriminated against for simply not accepting to believe in your fairy tales and myths.

I am called immoral for not submitting my life and my will to your imaginary guy in the sky, yet in the midst of all this I am enjoying my life. I don't concern myself with hell for hell does not exist. You may ask yourself, how can I be so sure? It's easy, a quick review of the histories of religious beliefs demonstrate clearly that they are legends and tales created by man to explicate the many things that they did not understand in a more primitive day and age.

My advice to all of you is that you live now, live right, and most importantly live right now. No one knows what tomorrow may bring nor how many of us will be fortunate enough to rise out of our beds to face yet another day on this glorious earth and indulge in this wonderful thing called life.



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    You might wish to look into it.


  3. Thanks Volly, I will look into it.

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  5. Yep, same issue here. I think Atheist Experience also had the same issue. I think the browser is picking up on the blogroll gadget on the right.