Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The bible fills a void

Previously in one of my earlier posts I said that believers of any religion were literally blinded by faith, I even stated that the reason they could not see reason was because they were seeing through the lens of faith. Faith in and of itself is blind, it does not require logic nor reason but rather just complete acceptance of the concepts and ideas presented to you. It's ironic that in Mark 10:15:
15"Truly I say to you, (A)whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all." (New American Standard Bible)
The other translations pretty much say the same thing. The irony is that a child is young and as we like to say his/her mind is like a sponge, they learn quickly and pretty much will believe anything. Most kids if taught at an early age will believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, etc. etc. Adults are asked to go back to that child like faith, to accept the absurd tales of the bible with meekness.

Mankind have always created mythological tales to explain things they could not in their time comprehend history teaches us these things, most or even all cultures have some form of religion whether it's the worship of one or many deities, the worship of nature, the stars, the sun, etc.etc. Christianity is not the exception to the rule it is in my opinion just one more of the many inventions of mankind to explain or in this case to foster the hope of eternal life where there would be no more pain nor sorrow. Christianity talks of redemption with its deity of choice and with its believers obtaining a place with this deity in a future life after this present life. Man has always been searching for the so called fountain of youth, they are seeking the means to defeat death and live forever. Science does not provide that for them nor can ever provide that in the sense that not only will you live forever but you will get to see loved ones that have passed away before you once again.

Only through the eyes of faith can you or anyone accept the belief in a mythical man being born of a virgin, rising from the dead after three days in the tomb, ascending to heaven with the hopes of him coming back sometime in the near future. It's even more incredible that it's been over 2,000 years and although he has yet to come floating back down to Earth in a cloud of glory that he even still has a following as large as he does. Apparently the only thing faith does is provide false hopes in a false doctrine based on a deity that does not nor has ever existed. Looking at Christianity or any religion involving deities from the outside looking in it is not hard to see how preposterous these beliefs really are. Apologists work hard to try to rationalize that nonsense that is religious beliefs and practices, here is a question for my theist friends; what is the difference between believing in the power of a rabbits foot and believing in the power of the cross for example? I see no difference, they are both a talisman with alleged power in the one case to attract luck and in the other to keep God near to your heart, some believe that wearing a crucifix will keep them safe and that God will watch over them a little more intently if they do so.

There is no rationality in religious beliefs, they require you to suspend your reason despite how unreasonable the claims of your beliefs may be. The bible makes many promises that fill those longings of man. Eternal life, live in peace, see loved ones from your past, etc. The bible basically fills a void in man that is not due to his longing for God but for his longing to live all those things that the bible promises to those that are faithful. Although these promises are completely fictitious and false people continue to hope beyond reason and all logic. Knowing all of the things I know now about religions I could never go back to worshiping God, I feel that those beliefs are from a more primitive age and mindset. I have no bitterness towards this fictional god, I just cannot stand to hear otherwise rational people trying to make sense of nonsense.


  1. Thanks for your posting of your ideas about the Bible and the myth of God. As a former Pentacostal evangelist, I wonder how you actually managed to break free of that mindset. It would be helpful to tell your story.
    There's a very good book written by a psychiatrist who was also a former Pentacostal... it's called "The Mind of the Bible Believer" by a man named Cohen.
    Check it out.

  2. Thanks for your comment anonymous, I have actually read the book you recommended and I have to agree it was a good read. I will post my story probably in a series of posts it is rather long but enlightening.